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Name: Audrey Rocio Ramirez
Call her: Audrey
Age: 18
What she does: Chief Mechanic

About Audrey: Audrey's father was the chief mechanic on the expedition to Iceland to retrieve the Shepherd's Journal. Audrey took over on the Atlantis expedition because her father had retired. Milo first meets Audrey on the bridge of the Ulysses. At first she seems annoyed by him. "Geez," she says, "I used to take lunch money from guys like this." However, she and the rest of the crew soon get a soft spot for him in their hearts.

Despite her young age, Audrey is an extremely talented mechanic. She keeps all the machines on the expedition in order. She knows the boiler room like the back of her hane. She can't help be a little annoyed, though, when Milo fixes the digger when it breaks down.

Audrey's father always wanted two sons: One to run his machine shop, and the other one to be middle- weight boxing champion. What he got was Audrey and her sister. Her sister? "She's 24 and 0 with a shot at the championship next month."

Audrey is the first member of the crew to befriend Milo on the expedition. She invites him to come sit by her and eat his dinner. She is also the first member of the crew to turn her back on Rourke and help Milo save Atlantis. She helps him to his feet after Rourke sucker-punches him.

Audrey helps Milo free the Crystalized Kida from the Gyro-Evac and gets her back to Atlantis in one piece. She returns with the crew to the surface, while Milo reamains in Atlantis, and she gets to keep Milo's white cat, Fluffy!

Cool Audrey Quote: "Two for flinching!"

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