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Is Helga Really Dead?

We were sitting there in my darkened living room. I knew what was coming, seeing as I had seen the movie at LEAST ten times already. The battle between the Atlanteans and the troopers were raging. I could hear R.T. and Rodrigo babbling about sigs and other guns as Helga fired shot after shot at the Armada. I could hear Bryan and Liz whispering about Power Rangers and who was cuter, the red ranger or the pink ranger, whatever that had to do with anything. Jen was about three inches from the screen, totally absorbed. Then the act came that shut everyone up (for about five seconds): Rourke pushed Helga over the side of the gyro-evac. There was a universal gasp and then silence. "ROURKE!!!" Helga screamed as she fell. "Nothing personal!" Rourke replied with a grin. Then chaos broke loose. "That's dirty!!!" R.T. bellowed.

"What?!" Jen exclaimed. "So she's, like, dead?"

"Just wait and see," I replied.

"No, she has to be dead," Mike said. "She fell way too far to still be alive!"

Meanwhile, the screen had changed, revealing Helga lying on the bottom of the shaft. With a struggle, she reached to her holster and pulled out her flare gun. "She's still alive?" Bryan yelled. "What, did she fall on balloons or something?"

"Nothing personal," Helga whispered, and pulled the trigger. The gyro-evac exploded into flames. "All right!" Jen exclaimed.

As all this was happening, Mike and Bryan were still having a discussion as to how Helga could still be alive after that fall she took. Sabrina and Liz reminded them that the crew had fallen from a higher height when the bridge had exploded about an hour previously in the movie, and they had all survived because they had landed in something soft- the bottom of the volcano shaft was covered with pumice ash, softening all falls taken in the cavern.

By now, Milo had sliced and diced Rourke and the volcano was beginning to erupt. As the shaft filled with lava, Bryan and Mike slapped each other five. "Ha! Well, she's dead now!" Mike said triumphantly.

However, many diehard Helga fans, myself included, would beg to differ with my friends. A lot of time ellapsed from the "Nothing personal" scene where we last see Helga and the eruption of the volcano. And we never SEE Helga die! It is very possible that someone as physically capable as Helga could have made her escape somehow, perhaps into another cave here the lava wouldn't reach, or maybe back to the city itself!

So what would have happened after Helga had escaped? Would she have made ammends with the Atlanteans and lived out her life with them? Would she have managed to get back to the surface and started a new life?

There are a multitude of fanfictions based on the premise that Helga may have lived, including "Nothing Personal" by Karen, and Julie Horwtiz's trilogy. Will we ever know? Well, the sequel may have made it look bad for Helga, but the sequel did a lot of A/U stuff; plus they never came out and said one way or the other. All that matters is your perspective. I've enjoyed the Helga fics that have popped up over the years, and I hope more continue to be written. ^_^