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Name: Princess Kidagakash Nedakh
Call her: Kida
Age: 8500-8800
What she does: Princess, warrior, huntress

About Kida: Kida was a small child when Atlantis sank. She can't remember much about the destruction of the city; just "people running and shouting." She watched as her mother disappeared into the Heart of Atlantis, a memory that still haunts her.

Thousands of years later, Kida yearns to learn more about why her city is falling apart, and what happened to her mother. Her chance comes when, while on a hunting trip, Kida comes across explorers from the surface- one of whom is Milo Thatch.

Kida discovers that Milo knows how to read the Atlantean language- something none of her people have been able to do since the time of the MEH-behl-moak (the Great Flood). She shows him around the city in the hopes that he can help her unlock the mysteries of the past. Soon they learn that the bright light Kida's mother disappeared into is a mighty power source- a crystal that is keeping the whole city alive!

Unfortunately, one of the outsiders, Commander Rourke, plans to steal the Crystal! It isn't long before he finds the crystal chamber, where the Heart of Atlantis is hidden. The crystal glows bright red, symbolizing danger. It requires a host of royal blood in order to save Atlantis from evil. Bravely, Kida steps into the beams. She knows she must sacrifice herself as her mother had in order to rescue her people.

As the others watch, Kida floats up into the crystal itself. Beams of light shoot out of the core. When Kida floats back down, she is no longer Kida- she is the Heart of Atlantis! Rourke kidnaps the crystallized princess, and it is up to Milo to save her. He brings her back to the city, but the city is now in danger of being destroyed by the lava of a nearby erupting volcano. Once again, the crystal forms a dome of energy over the city, saving it once again.

This time, the Crystal does not keep its human sacrifice. It returns Kida to her human form, with a gift- a bracelet her mother took with her when she disappeared into the crystal.

Cool Kida Quote: "SOH-lesh MAH-toh-noat, Milo Thatch-toap. Kwahm TEH-red-seh-nen." ("All will be well, Milo Thatch. Be not afraid.")