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Links Out

Here are my links to other Atlantis-themed sites! Hopefully more links coming soon! Please note that many of these sites have not been updated in a very long time.

The Kida Fanlisting
The Princess Kida Fanlisting

The Atlantis Fanlisting
The Atlantis Movie Fanlisting

The Milo + Kida Fanlisting
The Milo + Kida Fanlisting

The Disney's Atlantis DevArt Group
Disney's Atlantis DeviantART Group

The Disney's Atlantis DevArt Group
Milo + Kida DeviantART Group

The Atlantean Language Institute
Keran_Shadlag of KFU has cracked Okrand's Atlantean language! This site provides all the info you could need about learning this amazing fictional language.

The City of Atlantis
Probably the most in-depth Atlantis site out there, even bigger than this one. ;-)

Atlantis @ TenthPlanetArt
Sign up for the webring here, but it's also a really good site. Be sure to check out the fanart page.

Nothing Personal
A fansite dedicated to Helga Sinclair, with a lot of in-depth information.

Atlantis is Waiting...
TONS of screencaps! It was a huge help back when the movie was not out on DVD yet.

Manon's Disney Fanart
Really, really cool Disney fanart here by one incredible artist.

Animated Heroines
Almost every animated heroine you could ever think of is there, including Audrey, Helga, and Kida!

The Atlantean's Lair
Has some good info on it, but prepare for a lot of ads!

WDFA's Atlantis
The first Atlantis site I ever found; lots of stuff. Part of a site dedicated to Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Another old A:TLE fansite, hasn't been updated since 2001 but is still worth a look.