Kida's Stories: An Atlantean Princess' Secrets


It was a hot afternoon in Atlantis. Actually, it was the hottest day since August. Kida was preparing a refreshing dessert for her father, who seemed to be exhausted because of the heat. She added melear in the dessert, which was the coolest fruit in Atlantis and it also had healing qualities.

"Here", she said and sat next to the King. "It will help you."

King Kashekim tasted the dessert. "You're always here, when I need you", he said."I wonder what would I do without you."

Kida smiled. She kissed her father's hand and stood up. "You mean what would I do?" she said.

"Anyway, I feel anxious," the King whispered. "We are not used in such an unbearable heat in the middle of October. These are signs. Something special will happen."

Kida thought of something. 500 years ago, something similar happened, and caused something really special. It was the happiest day of her life.

"What are you thinking about?", asked King Nedakh.

"Nothing...I just remembered..."

Suddenly, Seliah's voice was heard. "Merpeople! Merpeople have come to Atlantis!"

SeaQuest-Part II

Kida's heart started beating quickly. Seliah ran into the throne hall. She bowed to the King, and then she said to Kida: "Can you believe this? They are the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen!"

"Kida," the King said, "Go and welcome these Merpeople. Tell them that it will be my pleasure if they stay at the coast tonight, so they can rest from their journey. Ask them also to forgive me that I can't go and meet them, as I did 500 years ago. I'm so weak...".

"Yes, father," Kida answered and went out with Seliah.

"Hurry!" Seliah exclaimed."You MUST see them!!!".

"I've already seen them, Seliah," Kida said. "It was 500 years ago. But you were then just a little baby, so you wouldn't be able to remember them."

"True," Seliah answered, "But my sister, Selma, told me. She told me also that you were in love with a handsome merman, called Atreis..Adisteir...Asirteid..."

"Aristeides," Kida said, "And, for short, Ares. Anyway, I wasn't in love with him. We only were good friends."

"Yeah, sure!" Selia thought.

In a few minutes they reached the coast, where they saw the Merpeople.

"Inhabitants of the Oceans," exclaimed Kida, "Welcome to Atlantis! We are very happy to see that you've returned to our city. You can rest here as long as you want and be supplied for the rest of your journey. My father also is sending you his greetings and asks for your forgiveness, as he can't leave his palace, because of his illness. Welcome again!"

"Hooray!", the Merpeople exclaimed."Long live the King! Long live the Princess!"

Kida smiled and started searching someone with her eyes. She went into the water, but there were so many Merpeople that she couldn't find the one she wanted. Suddenly, two hands covered her eyes.

Seaquest-Part III

"Well, let me see," said Kida. "Is it Apollo?"

"No," a voice answered.

"Odysseus?" Kida asked.

"No, not at all!"

"Then, it must be Achilleus!"

"You only have one last chance!!" the voice warned.

"Wait a can't be.."

"Yes, it's me!"

The two hands revealed Kida's eyes.

"Yad-lugh-go-nikh!!! Aristeides!!!" Kida exclaimed. She fell into his arms and they both splashed in the water. "Oh, I missed you so much!!" Kida said.

"I missed you, too!"

They both looked at each other for a while, but suddenly they heared Seliah laughing.

"We're only good friends!!" Seliah repeated Kida's words, but this made Kida turn red.

"Maybe we should swim somewhere, where we can be alone.", Ares suggested.

"Yeah, you're right!!" Kida smiled.

They swam away from the coast. Ares seemed to be a bit confused. "What's wrong?" Kida asked.

"Look, Kida, we've came here because we need your help. We've got a big problem in our kingdom," Ares said.

"YAHD-luh-goh-nihk! What is it?"

"We're in danger..."

SeaQuest-Part IV

"Our King, the king of the Merpeople, Proteus, is now dead", Ares said.

"Oh,...I'm so sorry," Kida whispered. "Was he...was he your..."

"Yes, he was my father. But now the whole Merkingdom is under threat. You see,there is a blue stone, called Aquamarine, which was our only protection from the enemies, because of its magical powers. But when my father died, it lost its powers, like it was connected to him. And Poseidon, King of Black Sea, has learned the news, and is preaparing his armies for war, so he can take over our Kingdom. Our only hope is the powers of your little crystal, that nacklace you're wearing round your neck...This could give Aquamarine its powers back..."

Kida was now more confused than Ares had been a little while before.

"And how can I help you? The only thing I can do is to give you my necklace for a while, so you.."

"No!" Ares said. "You must touch the Aquamarine with your hand, so it can absorb the crystal's power!"

"But I can't! I'm a human, you know! I can't breath underwater for such a long time!"

"The only solution to this problem, is you to become a mermaid. With this." Ares took out a little bottle with a potion.

"But I can't..there's my father.. and ..oh.."

"Please. If you love me..." Ares whispered.

"Love?" asked Kida. "But I thought..I..I just.." Kida was now speechless. Their faces came closer and they kissed. "I 'll do it just for you," Kida said and went out of the water. "I'll meet you here tomorrow."

"I'll be waiting..." Ares said and splashed into the water.

SeaQuest-Part V

The next morning, Kida woke up early. Actually, she didn't sleep all night. When she came out of the palace, she met Seliah.

"Seliah, hun, I want you to do me a favour."

"What is it?" Seliah asked.

"I have to leave Atlantis for a while, and I want you to take care of my father. Can you do this for me, please?"

"Oh, okay, but..."

"Thanks, hun! I knew I could count on you!", Kida said and runned to the coast.

"What's going on here, a honeymoon with that Adisteirdideses??" murmured Seliah.

Kida reached the coast and met Ares. "I knew you would come!" he said.

"Of course I came. How could I..?"

"Here's the potion."

Kida drank the potion and felt strange. Her feet became one, and then...

"Oh, what a beautiful fishtail!!" she said.

"You rock as a mermaid! Come on, jump in!"

Kida splashed into the water. "What a glorious feeling!How quick I can swim!"

Ares put out a map. "Now, here's our journey..."

SeaQuest Part VI

"Listen to me carefully.", Ares said."We're going to visit the Mediterranean Sea, where is our Kingdom. When we reach it, we'll swim till the Aegean High Sea. There is the palace. In the palace, there's a temple of Poseidon, the Greek god of the Seas. There, we'll find the Aquamarine, and you'll give to it back its energy."

"Oh, it's gonna be a looong journey!!Anyway, I've never visited the Greek Seas, and I would love to. I've learned ancient greek, when I was a little girl.

I really love this culture..." Kida said.

"A little girl?" asked Ares and smiled.

"Yeah, about 5000 years old!!!"

"You'll keep looking beautiful, even when you 'll reach the 20,000 years of your father...", Ares said romantically.

Soon, their journey begun. The sea was really beautiful. Kida was now charmed. She saw whales, seahorses, octopuses, schools of fish and many other sea creatures. And, most of all, she was charmed by the movements of her tail, and also happy, cause she could feel like Ares and live in his underwater, magical world.

"We'll spent the night here.", said Ares."You'll sleep in this cave-like-shell, and I'll be watching for danger.."

"I really can protect myself, and..."

"You can never trust your own abilities in a world you don't know.", Ares said seriously.

Kida felt confused. It was the first time someone spoke to her that way. But deep inside her she knew that Ares was right.

"Well,.. goodnight then.", Kida said. "And... thank you."

Kida went in the cave and slept. Ares stayed out and took out his sword, in case that it would happen something dangerous. Suddenly, a very beautiful song was heard.

SeaQuest Part VII

When Ares heared the song, he felt strange.He never had heared such a beautiful song. When he watched behind a rock, near the cave, he realised that a very beautiful mermaid was singing the song.But while he was listening to her song, a spell was casted on him by the mermaid. He was now enchanted and ready to fulfil his mistress' purpose.

"Put down your sword, prince Aristeides!", commanded the mermaid.

Ares put down the sword.

"Now, come to me!", she said, and Ares swam to her.

Suddenly, it happened something really scary.The beautiful mermaid was transformed into a hadious octopus-giant, and threatened Ares with its teeth. Ares was now captured by the octopus' tentacles, unable to do anythind as he was enchanted.

Then, the monster screamed, and its head fell down.Kida cutted its head with Ares' sword.The spell was broken, and Ares felt better.

"Wow!" Ares exclaimed when he realized that Kida had saved him. "Well..I'm just a fast learner!", kida said and smiled.

"Anyways...thank you. You saved my life..."

"You're welcome!"

And they continued their journey.

SeaQuest Part VIII

As they were swimming, a voice was heared.

"Idiots!! You'll never be able to kill one of us!! We and our Lord, Proteus, King of Black Sea, have already taken over your kingdom! You are late, Prince Aristeides!!!!"

Then, the voice stopped.

"Oh, no!", Ares said."The octopus you killed was Andromeda, assistant of Proteus.And, of course she didn't die, as you see.These creatures have great powers. The problem now is, that they have taken over our kingdom.We must hurry, or everything will be destroyed!!!"

"But how are we goind to enter the palace?", Kida asked."There will be Proteus' soldiers everywhere!"

"I'll find a way! The palace will be delivered. Come on, we don't have much time!", Ares said, and they continued their journey.

After a few days, Kida and Ares reached the Aegean High Sea. They decided to stay in an underwater village, near the palace. They both wore mantles with hoods, so noone would be able to recognise them. They found an old inn.

"Are you a couple?", the inn-keeper asked.

Ares was in a daze. After all, they should stay in the same room, as they had to preapare their plan.


"Yes, we are a couple!", Kida said with determination.

The inn-keeper took them to their room and left them alone.

"So, what's the plan?", Kida asked.

SeaQuest Part IX

"Let me see. There is a secret entry in the palace, which drives you right to Poseidon's temple. There is the Aquamarine", Ares said.

"Yeah, but how are we gonna pass unobserved?",Kida asked.

"You have the crystal, and your hands have absorbing abilities. You are the one who can go through the entry, while i will be asking to see the "king" for an audition.", Ares answered.

"What if they catch you?"

"They won't catch me, trust me. I'm a prince who asks for audition. How can they refuse?"

Kida was sad and anxious, but also brave enough to show it.

"I hope everything will be fine.", she said and fell in his armful."

Next morning they reached the palace gates, and saw Proteus' guards.

"There is the entry," Ares whispered to Kida.

"Everything will be fine," Kida said and swam into the entry. Ares said to the guards, that he wanted to see the king. The soldiers looked at each other with distrust.

"I'm unarmed," the prince said and lifted his hands up to convince them.

"Come with me!" a guard said and took Ares in the palace.

In the meanwhile, Kida was swimming in the secret passage. After a long, dark corridor, she saw Poseidon's temple. It was a lightful, imposing building with statues of mermaids all around. Suddenly, Kida noticed something unexpected. There were two guards outside the temple.

SeaQuest Part X

"I should have imagined that!", she thought."How could they ever leave Aquamarine unguarded?"

Proteus knew that the stone had lost its powers, but he still was aware.What if someone could somehow bring its powers back? He didn't knew it for sure. He couldn't also destroy it, because he was afraid of the results. Anything could happen.So, he had put guards in charge.

"Okay, guys, I know what you need!", Kida whispered and approached the temple.

"Who are you? How did you come here?", the guards shouted.

"Matihm, ka-wen-dem-yad-seh-ne-tihm!", Kida whispered and revealed her little crystal.She scratched the one guard in the fishtail, and the other in his arm.Then, they turned into crystal statues and Kida threw a big stone to them. They became a thousand pieces.

Kida swam into the temple and saw a huge, golden statue of Poseidon. The statue was holding on its "hands" Aquamarine, the magic stone. When Kida approached the stone, she realized how magnificent it was. It had a sparkling, beautiful, deep blue colour. Kida was ready to touch the stone with the crystal.

"I don't think so, princess!", a voice was heared. It was Andromeda, Proteus' assisant, the mermaid who casted the spells on Ares and then turned into a monster.

"You!", Kida exclaimed.

Then, a dozen of soldiers appeared and captured Kida.

"Take her!", Andromeda commanded.

SeaQuest Part XI

All this time, Ares was speaking with Proteus.

"My father died, and I lost my home," Ares said.

"What I ask you from you is to give me this stone, just to remind me of my father! It's powerless anyway!"

Proteus laughed out.

"You are very clever, prince Aristeides", he said"but your plan isn't working.How did you think that I would ever leave the stone? But, my friend,that's why I'm here; to look after the stone!"

"Look after the stone?", Ares thought. "Oh, no! Kida!"

Then Andromeda entered the throne hall with Kida.

"My King", Andromeda said,"These people are betraytors! I present to you Princess Kidagakash of Atlantis. She was going to give to the stone its energy back, with...this!".

Andromeda took the crystal from Kida and gave it to Proteus. Proteus looked at the crystal.

"You fools!", he shouted."Take them to the cells!", Proteus commanded the guards. "They will be executed tommorow morning!". And the guards took them to their cell.

SeaQuest Part XII

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault...", Kida said.

"No. I was the one who carried you away to this adventure. It's only me who should die tomorrow, not you."

"Nobody ever carries me away! I never do things I don't want to!", Kida exclaimed.

"Do you want to die?", Ares asked.

"No. But I want to love. And I love you...", Kida whispered.

"I love you too..." Ares said and kissed Kida.

Suddenly, Andromeda appeared.

"How romantic!", she said, as she was watching the scene outside the cell."Guys, please, show mercy! I don't wanna cry out now!!".

"What do you want?", Ares asked.

"To show you this!", Andromeda answered and revealed Kida's crystal."Because you'll never see that again!".

Then, flames came out of Andromeda's mouth and destroyed the crystal.

"Oh, and... have a nice honeymoon...till tomorrow morning!!!!", Andromeda said as she was leaving and laughed out devilishly.

"Oh, no!", Kida said sadly.

"You don't have to worry!", Ares said. "Maybe you would like to see ...this!!".

Ares revealed a second crystal!

"Wh-where did you get this?", Kida asked.

"Seliah gave it to me before our journey begun", he answered.

"Then, this is our only hope! But what am I talking about? We're imprisoned!"

"Don't worry!", Ares said."Tomorrow when they'll take us out of the cell to take us to the place of the execution, we'll find a way to escape and fullfil our purpose. We'll think of a way..."

SeaQuest Part XIII

The next morning, Proteus' soldiers entered the cell.

"Take them! And bind them together, so they won't be able to escape!!!", Proteus commanded.

"I don't think everything is going according the plan!", Kida whispered to Ares.

"Don't lose hope..", Ares said.

The soldiers took them in front of a deep ravine.

"There is a sea monster in this ravine, called Iona!", Ares said to Kida.

"Thanks for the information !", Kida said anxiously.

"Throw them in!!!", Proteus commanded, and the soldier threw Kida and Ares in the ravine.

Proteus laughed out devilishly.

"Let them find out who the ravine's host is!!", he said and left with his soldiers.

When Kida and Ares reached the bottom of the ravine, they heared a moaning.

"Take it easy!", Ares said. "Nobody ever harms his guests!"

"Yeah", Kida said, as the moaning became louder"the problem is...he DIDN'T invite us!!!"

Then, from the darkness, a giant sea monster with crabs and tentacles appeared and opened its mouth. Its teethwere terrible, and his cat-like-eyes too.

"W...wait! I know what to do!" Kida said, terrified.

"Mah-tihm, help me!" she whispered. "Ares! Take out the crystal!"

"I can't! My hands are tied, you know!"

"Try to cut the rope on those rocks!" Kida said as the monster was approaching them. "Hurry!"

"I'll try!" Ares said. Finally, when the rope was cut, Ares untied quickly the rope from Kida's hands and gave her the crystal. Kida whispered something in Atlantean and then she said loudly to the monster, as she was holding high the crystal:"I Command you, with the power of Leviathan, Lord of all sea monsters and creature of my ancestors, to obey me as your one and only mistress!!!"

SeaQuest Part XIV

The monster stopped moaning and looked into Kida's eyes. He clearly saw Leviathan! Then, Iona,put his head down to show his obedience. Ares was now ecstatic because of the miracle he was watching.

"Unbelievable!" he said.

"That's what you can do when you have connections with the monster's high society!", said Kida as she was pating Iona at head.

"Now", Kida said to Iona, "listen to me carefully! Here's what you must do...".

Proteus and Andromeda were in the palace.

"I've put 1,000 men to guard the stone. If someone tries to approach it again, he'll have the same fate with Ares and his girlfriend! Noone can stop me now!", Proteus said.

Suddenly, a strange noise was heared, like an echo. Then, the palace's walls started being hurled down.

"What's going on here?", Proteus shouted.

Then, Iona, the sea monster, appeared and showed its teeth, as it was moaning.Andromeda screamed.

"Proteus, do something!", she shouted.

The monster hurled down the throne hall and swam to Poseidon's temple. Everywhere it was passing by, the palace walls were hurled down.

"Guards!Guards!Catch it! Kill it!", Proteus shouted, but his guards couldn't do anything to a monster with so terrible powers.

"Don't let him take the stone, you fools!".

But it was too late for Proteus and Andromeda. Iona took the stone and swam away. He deposited Aquamarine with devotion before Kida and Ares, who were outside the palace.

"Good work, pal!", Kida said.

"It's time!", Ares said and smiled.

"Aquamarine, save the Merpeople!", Kida exclaimed and touched the stone with the crystal and then with her hands.

SeaQuest Part XV

Aquamarine was now fullbright and wonderful. All the Merkingdom was full of the stone's brightness.

"NOOOOOOOOO!", screamed Proteus as he was turning into a crystal statue. And that happened with Andromeda too, and with all the Proteus' guards and soldiers. Then, they crashed into thousand pieces. Proteus' tyranny had ended and the palace became beautiful and magnificent again.

"You brought life back to our kingdom! You're a very special person Kida!", Ares said.

"Maybe we should go back to Atlantis to tell your Merpeople the good news! Anyway, you have a powerful guard now to look after the stone!", Kida said and looked at Iona.

"I think you're right! Let's go then!".

And they left the Merkingdom.

When Kida and Ares reached Atlantis, they saw Seliah waiting at the coast.It was late, and Merpeople and Atlanteans were asleep.

"Seliah, what are you doing here? You were supposed to be in bed!", Kida said.

"You were really late, you know! And,gee... I wanna see your fins!!!", Seliah exclaimed.

"Okay, Mrs Curiosity, here they are!", Kida said and revealed her fins.

"Yahd-luh-go-nikh!" said Seliah.

"I think it's time to get my legs back, isn't it Ares?"

"You're right", Ares answered."Here you are!".

He gave her a bottle, Kida drunk the potion and her fishtail became legs again.

Kida went out of the water.

"Kida, you saved my kingdom. How am I supposed to thank you?", Ares asked.

"Oh, come on, you know how much I love adventures! And you are the bravest Merman I've ever known!", Kida said.

"I'm going to leave Atlantis tomorrow..." Ares said.

"I know...".

"Well, this means...".

"Ares, we belong into different worlds. And my father needs me. But I want you to know that you'll always be in my heart...".

"I'll never forget you, Kida."

And they kissed.

"Goodbye", Kida said. Ares swam underwater and Kida left with Seliah.

"You saved a kingdom and then you lost a guy! How do you feel?" Seliah asked.

"Like a fish out of the water!" Kida said and they laughed out.

"I hope that you'll someday find they boy of your dreams!" Seliah said.

"I hope so, too, Seliah! I hope so, too!"

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