About the Site
I've been a fan of Eilonwy since I first saw The Black Cauldron when it originally came out on VHS, around 1998, I believe. I liked her so much, I even dressed up as her for Halloween. She is a very strong character, a "kick-butt" girl with an attitude, yet at the same time sweet and feminine. She is, in fact, quite comparable to Princess Kida from the more recent Disney film, Atlantis, a movie which parallels The Black Cauldron in so many ways that it is almost eerie, from the widescreen film to the adventure plot to the fact that they were both undeserving box office flops. I was thrilled when I was given the privilege to run Eilonwy's fanlisting, because she is definitely deserving of a large fandom.

The site is titled "Enchantress" because Eilonwy was an apprentice enchantress in the film.