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 Post subject: Atlantis: <Untitled>
PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 8:10 am 
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This was a fanfic I wrote a few years back, but do not remember the title. I'll have to look for it. This is what I have left of it at the moment. Enjoy.


Helga woke up with a moan. The last thing she remembered was in arm-to-arm combat with Rourke while the Ulysses was exploding around them. She had vaguely remembered that the Ulysses had somehow mysteriously appeared in space, and there was no pressure, and the hull was rupturing. Rourke had seen her, and starting fighting her on a catwalk next to an airlock...

Rourke had pinned her to the ground and kicked her against the wall. He rushed towards the lever and opened it. Air poured out of the hatch as Helga was sucked out along with the flow.

"Nothing personal!" Rourke called out with an evil laugh.

She felt the air leave her. Her body seemed to explode. Her eyes lost their moisture has the air was pulled out of her lungs. Its all over now, she thought. Helga felt herself dissolving into nothingness...

"Are you all right?" a voice asked.

Helga slowly raised a hand against the white eerie light above her. She turned her head to see a blurry form of a strong, slender oriental girl in her early twenties standing next to what seemed to be an examination table. She had shoulder-length hair, some of it in a bun. She was dressed in a white jumpsuit.

"Ohh. My eyes." Helga closed her eyes, trying to ease the pain.

"Relax. Dry eyes is a major symptom to spacial decompression exposure." She said. The girl reached for a bottle and squeezed some liquid into into the corner of Helga's eyes .

Instantly the pain seemed to fade. Everything became clear. She looked again at the girl, and saw several magenta locks of hair from her forehad. There were specks of the same color in her eyebrows, and her eyes where a deep navy blue.

"Spacial what?" Helga asked.

"You were in the vacuumm of space without a spacesuit. Therefore, you were subjected to almost freezing temperatures, no moisture, and no air pressure. Which are a deadly combination." The girl said.

Helga slowly sat up. The room around her was circular, with white walls with strange grooves that ran across like a jigsaw. She caught a glimpse of "MB-14" stenciled in orange on one of the walls. Some bunks ran across part of the wall, and the ceiling had white lights with a bluish tinge recessed into the ceiling.

"Where am I?" Helga asked. "Who are you people?"

"You are in Medical Bay 14." The girl said. "As for us, we are Alliance Military Personnel. I am Trsh'kaa."

"Trish Kaa?" Helga asked. "That's a strange name. Where you get it from?"

"My mother, of course." Trsh'Kaa answered.

"You're not Chinese, that's for sure. Where are you from? Your origins?"

"I am from the planet Dahra in the Centarus 5 star system. I am a Dahanese Siren."

She's flipped her top, Helga thought to herself. "Listen, Trish, I need help. I don't exactly know what's going on here, but-" She was cut off when a door whoosed opened and a figure walked in.

Helga was taken aback in surprise. "Dr. Sweet?"

"Hello Helga," He said. "How are you doing?" He wore a jumpsuit also, but it seemed to be armored in a white, shiny marterial, highlighted by blue on the shoulders.

"What's going on here?" Helga demanded. She swung her feet off the table.

"Long story." Sweet replied flatly. "You're lucky we saved you."

"Don't expect gratitude from me, Sweet. I don't know where I am, but I know its not on the Ulysses. I need to go there and deal with unfinished business." Helga replied sharply.

"That's going to be a little tough right now." Sweet said.

"You will do as I say, Doctor. I don't know what you're doing now, but you were part of our expedition. And you are under my command."

"No I'm not." Sweet said.

"Really? The only reason that can happen is that either you double-crossed me or that you're not Sweet."

"I vote for the latter." Trsh'kaa put in.

Helga glanced at her, then back at Sweet. "Are you saying that this is some copy of Sweet?"

"I would rightfullythink so." Sweet said.

The whole floor shook as the three of them were strewn off their feet.

Helga stood up. "What happening?"

Sweet thought he sensed panic in her voice. The lighting turned red and a buzzer sounded.

"Code Red Battle Alert."A female voice said over the speaker. "All personnel man your battle stations. This is not a drill. We are engaging in combat."

"We're being attacked!" Sweet yelled.

"By who?" Trsh'kaa asked.

"I don't know." Sweet answered. A device on his right arm beeped and flashed. He raised it up to look at it and pressed a button.

"Sweet here." he said.

A harried teenager boy's voice sounded over the device. "Sweet. Its me, Commander Bennett. We're engaging in combat against the Ulysses, a lobster thing called a Leviathan, and two Class-A Xidian Battlecruisers. Somehow the Xidians sent a boarding party on the same deck you guys are. If I'm not mistaken, they're after Ms. Sinclair. And they want her dead. Scramble to the figher bay immediately with everyone else. Have Trsk'kaa escort Ms. Sinclair up to a safer deck. We're gonna try to seal off the deck so they can't proceed further and send security."

"Understood, Commander. But may I add that you guys sound like you're toast up there."

"I know, Lieutenant. I'm having my G-16 readied in the fighter bay. Pat will take care of things while I'm gone. We tried calling for backup. The Nanosaur crusier Orion's Justice and the Aqorii carrier Accordiance should be here any minute now. Over and out."

Sweet pressed the button again and looked at Trsh'kaa. "Escort her to Main Deck. I'll scramble."

Trsh'kaa flashed him a snappy salute. "Yes sir."

Sweet smiled at him and bolted down the hallway. Trsh'kaa looked at Helga. "Follow me."
Helga followed with no hesitiation. As she followed this young alien woman, a cloudy vision was forming in her mind. These people rescued her from being killed. They were now fighting the Ulysses which Rourke was commanding, and two Zeedan ships which have seemed to ally themselves with him, addition to the Leviathan. Now the Zeedans were after her. Rourke had probably sent them to kill her.

They're trying to save me again! She though with utter astonishment. But how was there a duplicate of Sweet? Was there duplicates of the rest of the team also?

Trsh'kaa suddenly stopped. She held Helga back. "The boarding party!" She whispered. Trsh'kaa pulled out a sleek silver pistol from a holster on her side. "Stay close, Ms. Sinclair. The fur is going to fly."

Though Helga disliked the formalities, it felt good to be called that at this moment.

Trsh'kaa flipped a lock on the side of the weapon. It gave a whining sound as she suddenly whipped around the corner firing the weapon. Large purple bolts of energy left he muzzle of her weapon. She quickly came back behind the wall. There was the sound of rifle fire as sparks flew off the wall next to them.

"What happened?" Helga asked.

"There's a dozen weird guys in masks using projectile weapons. I believe the old-fashion term is machine guns."

She caught her breath. "They have that end blocked off. We'll have to go across. Ready?"

Helga was hesitant for a moment, instinctively reaching for her pistol. To her surprise, it was there. She drew it out of her holster, and cocked the bolt.

For a moment, Helga was tempted to hold Trsh'kaa hostage and get her way off of this place, whatever it was. But she quickly dismissed the thought. The enemy she described was clearly Rourke's troopers. And plus Trsh'kaa was helping her.

Trsh'kaa saw the weapon Helga held. A smile came across her face. "That makes two of us." She adjusted the grip on her pistol. "Just one thing."
Helga looked at her skeptically.

"If you run across anything that's black, very fast, about eight feet tall, with a hundred writhing tentacles, venomous teeth, and plasma weaponry, shoot the exposed green cerebellum on the front of the head. That's their weak spot."

Helga grimaced. Was this a Zeedan? "What's that, may I ask?"

Trsh'kaa turned to her. She was serious now. Was that fear on her face? "A Xidian warrior, spelled x-i-d-i-a-n." She said solemnly. "Be careful. They're the ultimate predator. Go!"

Trsh'kaa ran across the intersection into the other hallway with Helga on her heels. She fired at the soldiers, using every bullet wisely.

When they got across, Trsh'kaa turned to face her. "Bad news. My energy core is depleted."

"You're telling me." Helga said. She only had one shot left. No more magazines either. They were really in a bind.

Without warning two of the troopers appeared around the corner. Helga fired at one, falling him. The other one raised his rife to shoot. Trsh'kaa grabbed the rifle and pushed it up, while Helga meleed him with the butt of her pistol on the neck.

Helga took the rifle from him while Trsh'kaa took the trooper's other weapon. "Thank you." Trsh'kaa said. "On my world, I believe I am in social debt to repay the favor." She glanced around. "And I think I know just how. Come on. We have to go." Trsh'kaa took of down the hallway. Helga followed her as Trsh'kaa stopped at a gray panel marked "DANGEROUS. AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY."

"What do you owe me?"

Trsh'kaa didn't answer. She gave a roundhouse kick to the panel. It shattered under the impact.

Helga looked at the shattered panel. It was a glass-like material painted to look like steel. She looked back at her escort as she pulled out two rifle like weapons. They were purple, with a long, squarish barrel and stock and a rounded silver muzzle. There was a handle, and what seemed to be an ammo clip on the underside. She tossed one to Helga, who caught it.

"I hope you can use one of these. I heard these things can decimated syncilated titanium alluride plating with more power that you can shake a stick at. " Trsh'kaa pushed the clip in and pulled out two belts out of the hole. She donned one and handed the other to Helga, who hesitantly did the same.

"So you mean you never used one of these either?" She asked incredulously.

Trsh'kaa shook her head. "I'm just a assistant nurse, not a Star Trooper. Even though I could, us Dahanese consider violence abbhorent. We only fight if its absolutely necessary. Such a time as this. Besides, these fusion laser rifles are for emergency use only. They're only openly available to Alliance special ops."

Helga mentally repeated the words. Fusion laser rifle. She could hear a creaking in the distance. "Shh. What's that?"

Trsh'kaa pointed her weapon in the direction. "Don't talk." She mouthed.

Suddenly out a corner of the hallway, a whriting mass with long powerful legs and a long slender head landed ten feet from them. It had large fang-like teeth, and large arms carrying a strange black weapon that glowed green. Writhing tentacles moved ceaselessy on its back. Its shoulders were covered with a silver armor trimmed with gold, and part of its head in the same way.

Helga was aghast. Trsh'kaa was also, but recovered quickly. She started blasting at its upper chest.

The creature screamed and leapt forward, firing a beam of plasma. Trsh'kaa leapt to one side an dove for cover. Helga sidestepped the beam. The intense heat from the beam scalded her leg and scorched her pants black, but that didn't bother her now. She pulled the trigger as she emptied blue lasers into its head.

The creature stopped and collapsed to the ground from the air. The tentacles slowly started to stop moving.

Trsh'kaa got to her feet and went over to Helga. "Are you okay, Ms. Sinclair?"

Helga nodded. "I'm fine." She had been amazed at the awesome firepower that she held in her hands. This beat even the large SiG 6.7 that Rourke had been using against the Atlantean vehicles when they were escaping up the shaft. There was hardly a kickback at all. It had been very easy to aim. She had never experienced a weapon like this.

Trsh'kaa glanced at the alien. "I have to give you credit. That wasn't an ordinary Xidian. That was a commanding elite. Judging from the gold and silver armor, one from high rank, too."

Several armored shadows appeared around the corner. Trsh'kaa raised her rifle to fire when a voice called out. "Don't shoot! Hold your fire."

She breathed a sigh of relief as they came to her. Helga examined these people. They wore black suits, with gray plates of armor in various places. They had full helmets with a visor that partially obscured their facial features. They carried black rifles with a narrower stock, and an additional piece on the front end on top.

"Are you two all right?" The lead one asked. He had red stripes on his shoulders. Helga could see pale blue skin below the visor. And his body. He looked like some type of two-legged dinosaur!

"Yes, we are, Major Deejana. Thank you." Trsh'kaa answered.

"Good. We'll escort you to main deck. Fortunately no more boarding parties have beamed aboard. My platoon is clearing the rest of the resistance." He said.
Helga caught a glimpse of blue numbers on the additional piece of the soldier's gun. They're able to tell how many rounds are left? Helga had to keep count how many rounds were fired. And that was hard, especially with guns with 30 rounds. Even though these soldiers seemed emotionless and had difficult enemies to fight, she felt that they were grateful for the technology provided to them.

"All right. One favor, though. Can you please tell me what rank this Xidian is if you are able to?" Trsh'kaa asked.
The major gave one glance at the alien and seemed to double-take. "Fascinating. A executive field general. The only place I've seen one is in the training holovids after the Xidians Wars ended and we were able to learn a great deal about them. Anyway, best we get moving."

As they left the deck towards a guarded turbolift, Helga glanced behind her one more time at the dead Xidian, which was being put in a body bag for disposal. An executive field general. This Xidian seemed to be one of the top of his kind. Rourke must really want me dead, she mused.

Yayap: Hey look!! My Alpha-Bits are spelling a secret message!! Its says, "Ooooooo!!!"

Janeil: Yayap, that's Cheerios.

-Excerpt from a Halo Crossover

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 3:32 pm 

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cool! i have wrote some like that, about my character and kida, or just adventures. they are pretty cool.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 8:36 am 
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Why don't you post them? I'd be more than glad to read 'em!

Yayap: Hey look!! My Alpha-Bits are spelling a secret message!! Its says, "Ooooooo!!!"

Janeil: Yayap, that's Cheerios.

-Excerpt from a Halo Crossover

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 1:16 pm 

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well, i had em' on my story page on my site, but it's been dissabled for some dumb reason, i'm probably gonna have to pay for it now...

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