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Lessons in Okrand's Atlantean
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Author:  Pharoah [ Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:21 pm ]
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ya, better to be save then sorry. (my dad learned that with the Clingon Language from star trec,) the same guy who did that language also did the atlantean language. i wonder if their is a difference in them (example KAH-PLAH) means Good Luck in Clingon (it is pronounced as spelled in my example.)

Author:  Keran_Shadlag [ Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:57 pm ]
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Did your dad try to publish a book on Klingon?

There's a huge difference between Klingon and Atlantean. Basically, Klingon's suppose to be a warrior's language that's completely unlike anything on earth. Atlantean is a utopia's language that's shares similarities with all word languages.

GAHKH 'cheese' is a shared word, but it has an alternate, food-related meaning in Klingon. Aside from that, Klingon has a OVS sentence order, Atlantean has an SOV. Atlantean's words are mostly from a real language (*Proto-Indo-European), Klingon's completely made-up. Klingon has this complex system of suffixes for both nouns and verbs that denote all sorts of things not marked in any language I've ever heard of. Atlantean uses a much smaller number of suffixes based on the Proto-Indo-European grammatical cases and tense-mood-subject.

They're "artistic complements": Mark Okrand made Atlantean as the exact opposite of Klingon. Some article on the internet has him saying something like this, giving a few of the above statements with details.

Good luck in Atlantean is "Maht". It's given in Disney Adventure, May 2001.

KEH-ruhn SHAHD-luhg

Author:  Kidagakash85 [ Wed Jul 18, 2007 12:04 am ]
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I'm still shocked and amazed that you managed to crack all this. :o

Author:  Keran_Shadlag [ Thu Jul 19, 2007 12:47 pm ]
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Shucks. It's not really me, it's a host of about 150 amateur linguists working over 6 years (and running).

I hope to make ancient languages and the history they tell more accessable to regular people during the course of my education and career. I also hope to encourage young people like us to become ancient linguists, especially because I receive so much discouragement and ridicule from academia for my choice of career.

The more I get into it, the more I find of encouragement in ATLE. It's "Where the Dream Takes You" 's lyrics completely:

They'll try to hold you back
They will say you're wrong
But they will never understand
The journey that you're on
They'll try to change your mind
They'll try to change your heart
But they will never understand who you are
And you still believe
And you know
You must go

Where the dream takes you
( Where your dream takes your heart )

It's sappy, but it's real.

Author:  Keran_Shadlag [ Thu Jul 19, 2007 12:52 pm ]
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And here's what it means for us:

We can hold actual, simple conversations in Atlantean if we just work on it for a bit. It's not that hard, once you start.

Share with me a sentence that you make up. I won't correct it or anything. The smallest effort makes a difference.

Author:  Pharoah [ Fri Jul 20, 2007 11:45 am ]
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hey, third page W00t!

Author:  Keran_Shadlag [ Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:27 am ]
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wOOt, wOOt! Hey, I stated a site last Sunday for The Atlantean Language Institute, which I founded in March with a Facebook group.

Author:  Kidagakash85 [ Mon Aug 06, 2007 11:57 pm ]
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OMG WOW SO COOL!!!!! I need to join that Facebook group...

Author:  D19628 [ Wed Aug 08, 2007 4:50 pm ]
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hello everyone im new here but i have been wanting to learn atlantean for a really long time.i think im getting the hang of atlantean grammar and now all i have to do is learn more vocab. these lessons are really good and really help, thank you. is there any news on numbers greater than 10?

Author:  Keran_Shadlag [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 7:00 am ]
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Hey, if you ever want someone to practice writing back-and-forth in Atlantean with, just leave a message here or send me an e-mail: roger158(at)
I'm fluent and I'm like the world expert or something!

Yeah, I made up numbers both smaller than one and greater than ten. Hang on a few days and I'll post my most recent version.


And guys, I've been busy, so I haven't been able to do much with this. I moved to MSU in the last week and found out that I'm going to be studying Ge'ez under Dr. Grover Hudson, expert in Afroasiatic lanuages and Proto-Semitic historical linguistics.

Author:  Keran_Shadlag [ Fri Aug 17, 2007 10:28 am ]
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Darimmok S9K11A6H13Y21049 esetot.

Yesterday I made a document on all Atlantean numbers and written numerals and how to use them. Here's the section on numbers greater than zero. Numbers less than 1 can be found out about at

form: number + last part of ten, eliminating in-between consonants that don’t conform to documented Atlantean phonology, if you want to be über-nerdlisch
eleven DEH-khep
twelve DOO-khep
thirteen SAY-khep
fourteen KU-khep
fifteen SHAH-khep
sixteen LU-khep
seventeen TOH-khep
eighteen YAH-khep
nineteen DIH-moo-doo-kheh-pen ‘one away from twenty’
(This is actually Sanskrit and Proto-Indo-European (PIE), but it can also be explained with Mayan language and numeral system being vegintidecimal [twenty-based].)

“-moo-” is from MOO-tih-l “to lose”

Numbers between multiples of ten
and gihm
twenty-one DOO-kheh-pen dihn
or dihn gihm DOO-kheh-pen

Numbers 10-90
suffix that makes nouns plural -en
ten EH-khep
twenty DOO-kheh-pen
thirty SAY-kheh-pen
fourty KU-kheh-pen
fifty SHAH-kheh-pen
sixty LU-kheh-pen
seventy TOH-kheh-pen
eighty YAH-kheh-pen
ninety NIH-kheh-pen

Ten-based number classes
The hundred, thousand, and million of PIE are said to be very much based on local variations. What are given (~ centi, mille, etc) are very linguistically based and hard for me as-yet to reproduce using Okrand’s unique take on PIE.

(Arcane Style)
EH- khe p
( 10 )
EH- kheh- kheh- pen
( 10 *10 )
EH- kheh- kheh- kheh- pen
( 10 *10 *10 )
EH- kheh- kheh- kheh- kheh- pen
( 10 *10 *10 *10 )
EH- kheh- kheh- kheh- kheh- kheh- pen
( 10 *10 *10 *10 *10 )
EH- kheh- kheh- kheh- kheh- kheh- kheh- pen
( 10 *10 *10 *10 *10 *10 )

EH- kheh- kheh- kheh- kheh- kheh- kheh-
( 10 *10 *10 *10 *10 *10
kheh- kheh- kheh- pen
10* 10* 10 )

(“Where we got Scientific Notation!”)
a wonderful creation
exponential growth postposition GOAN
from ‘GOH-nohs-mihg’ giant (an adjective)
which breaks down as GOH/-nohs/-mig, grow/made a noun/made an adjective
(exponential decay suffix) TEER
from ‘TEE-rid’ ‘to destroy’

hundred EH-khep doot GOAN
thousand EH-khep say GOAN
ten-thousand EH-khep kut GOAN
hundred-thousand EH-khep shah GOAN
million EH-khep luk GOAN
…skip a few…
billion EH-khep niht GOAN

Author:  Keran_Shadlag [ Tue Nov 20, 2007 2:46 am ]
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Update on Atlantean Language:

Is anybody interested in learning or speaking Atlantean? Say so and I can post some new stuff or make up new sentences or something.


In the next few days I'll finally be sending Okrand my first letter asking for his help and notifying him of the last 6 year's progress.

Paul Sherrill, the guy who started the dicipherment effort back in 2001, actually grew up in the next town over. We might meet up over Christmas Break and talk about Atlantean.

I've been really busy with school. But this past weekend I did a lot with Atlantean. Mostly, I made a quick reproduction of the 10 pages of the Shepherd's Journal from the Collector's DVD. I also put more work into reproducing the Underwater Mural Text from the film.

Hopefully I can make a final draft of my book, "Atlantean Grammar" over Christmas Break, which I might spend in San Francisco, on the campus of Okrand's Ph.D. Alma Mater, U of Cal Berkley.

The first Atlantean conversation continues with Dylan on The Atlantean Language Group:

And there's a new guy from Argentina reading my lessons. I gave him a short lesson yesterday in Spanish. It was a challenge. I had fun.


These days it's mostly just me getting better at being a linguist.

Author:  Pharoah [ Wed Nov 21, 2007 8:06 am ]
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i been teaching Garrys Mod building skills to people, oh what fun that can be, YES THIS IS AMERICA, I SPEAK ENGLISH, WE DON'T SELL MISSLES HERE GENERAL... (ppl get annoying... seriously, that and i am like the only admin who knows what he is doing.) anyway made a few cool things ingame.

Author:  RifleExpert [ Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:08 pm ]
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Cool, cool =) But it's still a lot of work to do, lexicon especially.

Author:  Pharoah [ Wed Nov 21, 2007 6:46 pm ]
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even more work since i have access to the FTP for the server,. OMG what a mess it is..... and so.... ew... thats all ima say, if Kida was a tech like me. she would say.... ew.... just.....ew...uhh... he he he....nuh uh...

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