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Atlantis for kids?
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Author:  Kidagakash85 [ Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Atlantis for kids?

So I currently work as an after school program leader and I'm debating whether I should bring A:TLE for my kids. They are elementary school, between ages 4-12. I'm not sure if the younger ones would really "get" it, what do you think?

Author:  oogiesean [ Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:24 pm ]
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I think they would like it and understand what's going on.

Author:  Pharoah [ Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:08 am ]
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That's a toss-up. I didn't see it until it came out on VHS/DVD (can't remember how old is was.) Lets see. it came out during the summer of 2001, which was... 10 years ago (add a few months, since it came out on June 1st) so... take 23 (my age) minus 10 (years) (add a month since i was born in May) so probably 13ish (something around that area) It came out during the Fall, and heightened my life at an expectational rate. So in those regards, I'd say "Yes, i don't see any reason as to why not."

However, take into consideration what class of kids your showing it to. Do they have the folks that may get upset if they see a PG-rated film? or are they the kind that already play GTA4/Fallout and watch PG13-M rated Shows/Etc. See, now you got my brain working... Based on those factors. Otherwise, show em something that doesn't have animated violence/etc.

This is all coming from somebody who is best friends with a guy whose my age, who already has a kid :D

Author:  Keran_Shadlag [ Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:33 pm ]
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It's definitely not a kid's movie. It's not really a movie for grown-ups, either :

- occult / Wiccan / New Age worldview
It's a very New Age movie. The kids could get into wearing New Age crystals, all sorts of stuff. Kids should be taught to be interested and fascinated by what is wholesome, good, and true.
- Kida's immodesty
Kids will think it's okay to dress immodestly without realizing the harm it does to themselves and others. Women should dress and act modestly if they want a wholesome life for themselves and others. Stepping into immodest clothes is entering into the world of darkness, just like our choices of friends, music, studies, and leisure. "Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas."
Apart of this, a big problem with Disney movies, is all the alone time Kida and Milo spend together. In real life, unmarried couples shouldn't be alone together, as that's exactly where fornication comes from. Chaperoning and limited visit durations and frequencies keep couples from making the wrong choices.
- Kida is disobedient and disrespectful to her dad.
- I don't think the shooting is a problem, though I would warn against showing kids movies with really graphic violence or injuries.

I don't recommend showing any movies to anyone, especially kids 18 and below. But after that you must really beware that watching a movie is learning a lesson. Movies teach us tons of things. If you research the makers of movies, you'll see what kind of teachers these people are, and get some ideas of what kind of lifestyle they're teaching. The reason these people divorce again and again is because they have no concept of keeping chaste before marriage, or of what a functioning marriage looks like. Their parents were unmarried or divorced; all their friends are, too.

It's a big deal whatever you do with little kids. Whatever you teach them, you'll be responsible for before Jesus after you die. Their lives really are influenced heavily by the lessons you give them. You should research very hard to be sure that what you know, and what you give them, is good. I've spent 10 years learning all the world's languages, ancient and modern, and otherwise investigating, and I say traditional Catholicism, like the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, is the life to lead and the way to Heaven. I've spent a lot of time studying philosophy and analyzing movies and books from all periods of time. Even if you show the kids "Little Rascals" episodes from the 1930s, there will be less bad lessons, but there will still be too many bad lessons for me to recommend showing the kids movies. A book would be better.

Traditional Catholics actually homeschool their kids and encourage others to do the same. We think public school and daycare is evil because the religion actually being taught is atheism : God and Christian doctrine is forbidden or just never discussed at any length. Even so-called "Protestant" or "Catholic" schools don't teach their respective religions as they should, and it's been like this at least 200 years. Another big thing about schools today is that they've been co-educational since the 1930s. Genders should be segregated in society as a whole, but it is a special poison to youth, as it destroys their shyness toward the opposite gender, one of the safeguards of chastity. There is no known society before 1900, 1800 that used co-education. This is a bad sign of what a terrible idea it is. Co-education is now a global phenomena, almost ubiquitous. Yet we have no record of it ever having been used, out of 12,000 years of civilization and 5,000 years of recorded history. This isn't a "modern" thing, it's a "mistake" thing.

I'd get out of caring for others' kids if I was you. Nursing homes and schools do what should be done at home, to the ruin of society. Honest work takes some searching-for these days.

One more important meditation : People put their kids in daycare or school hoping that the teachers will teach them something as good or better than what they would teach themselves. What actually happens almost always is that what they're taught is much worse.

Author:  Kidagakash85 [ Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:19 pm ]
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Out of line, dude. I'm going to skip over all the glaring insults you just hurled at me about my line of work and just take the time to remind you that this is not a forum for the discussion of religious doctrine, this is a fan forum for the movie Atlantis, a very secular topic. This entire post was a violation of the no politics rule (radical religious beliefs that extend to "kids shouldn't be educated outside the home" and "boys and girls shouldn't interact before marriage" definitely fall under political statements). Please don't do it again, because I think you're a valuable member of our community and I don't want to ban you, but this kind of rampage is out of line.

A simple "yes, I think it would be okay for kids" or "no, you should probably avoid this one" would have sufficed, geez.

Author:  Pharoah [ Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:42 am ]
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| The WTF Truck! |||""'||_\__,_
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Special Delivery!

Author:  Kidagakash85 [ Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:02 pm ]
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k, we're done here.

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