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Casting Seth & Mirany

We all have little mental pictures of how we'd like our favorite characters portrayed, right? Well, I thought it would be fun here to tell everyone who we think would play the perfect Seth and Mirany. If you have someone you'd like to see featured, e-mail me!

For Seth, I imagine Seth being played by James Davies, who played Mark in the episode "Brennidon" of Legend of the Seeker. Not only does Davies look exactly how I imagined Seth, but also his character in that episode was remarkably similar to Seth (in my opinion), which helps complete the image in my mind!

As for Mirany, my favorite is the actress/model Camilla Belle. I randomly stumbled across her online, and I was struck by how perfect I think she'd be for Mirany. I like her because she's pretty but in a more realistic way than most celebrities. I just love her eyebrows! Her little imperfections suit Mirany so well. And she's even been shot in Greek-Egyptian looking clothing, which is so perfect! You can learn more about her at Camilla Belle Online, which is also where these images are from.