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Warning: This section contains spoilers for the entire Oracle Prophecies series!

Mirany is a quiet and shy young girl from the island of Mylos. Although she longs for a simple life of obscurity, she becomes a member of the Nine at the age of fifteen through her father's arrangements. She has only been on the Island for a year when the sudden death of the Bearer of the God, Alana, leads to her selection as the new Bearer, a potentially deadly task, and one that Mirany has never desired.

Her hopes for a quiet life become further frustrated when she is contacted by the dying Archon and informed that the Oracle of the God is being betrayed, and that the current Speaker, Hermia, is in fact a corrupt priestess working with General Argelin to use the god's words to advance his own purposes. Although Mirany has secretly never believed in the god, her world is suddenly turned upside down when she begins hearing the god's voice inside her head. As fate would have it, Mirany has been chosen to help locate and protect the new Archon, and to reform the corruption on the Island and in all the Two Lands.

Although this task was never one Mirany desired, she soon begins to blossom as a strong young woman through the adversity she faces in the god's service. By her determination to see the will of the god be done, Mirany shows herself to be a girl with strong convictions and a belief in doing what's right no matter what the costs. She proves herself to be a true leader and overcomes her own inhibitions, eventually saving her people from the treachery of Argelin of Hermia and returning the words of the god and the will of the Rain Queen to the Two Lands.