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Warning: This section contains spoilers for the entire Oracle Prophecies series!

Seth is fourth assistant archivist in the City, a cocky and ambitious young man who is all too aware of his own handsome face. Despite these qualities, and although it outwardly appears that Seth is only interested in advancing his own station, we quickly learn that he is much more complicated than that.

Much of Seth's desire to get ahead stems from his need to protect and provide for his father and his younger sister, Telia. Seth's mother died not long after Telia's birth, and his father was injured while helping construct a building and thus is unable to provide for his family; when the responsibility fell to Seth, his father hoped that the young man would seek an office with General Argelin, which he thought would be the most expedient route to wealth and power. Seth instead chose to become a scribe, which cause a rift between him and his father. Because of this, Seth is constantly seeking out new ways to gain power, wealth, and respect. Furthermore, not long after the drought set in upon the Two Lands, Seth's sister Telia fell ill; Seth was desperate to get water for her, and thus resorted to somewhat unsavory means of securing it for her, although the guilt of such activities (i.e., an alliance with the tomb-robbing Jackal for a start) weighs heavily on his conscience.

However, after meeting Mirany and inadvertently becoming one of the guardians of the new Archon, Seth begins to seriously question his own motives. By the end of The Sphere of Secrets (UK: The Archon), Seth has reached the decision that he has to do what's right for the god and the Two Lands, even if his own well-being suffers for it. Furthermore, he is determined to make amends and shed the reputation he had earned, particularly in the eyes of Mirany and his father, even if it destroys him. Through the series, Seth evolves from a greedy, self-serving young man to strong character who will fight to the very end to protect his family, his friends (especially Mirany), and the will of the god.