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Fanlistings: A fanlisting is exactly what it sounds like: a list of fans. The point of a fanlisting is to unite fans of a certain subject from all around the world; in this case, that subject would be the pairing of the characters Dominick and Erika from The Princess and the Pauper.

The Movie: The Princess and the Pauper is the fourth movie in Barbie's Fairytale series. All of them are spectacular, and it's hard to say which is my favorite. The Princess and the Pauper ranks high up there, though, and not just because of the excellent plot. There's also the wonderful voice acting. Kelly Sheridan (Barbie) was already my favorite voice actress, but she went above and beyond in this one because of her amazing ability to so dramatically change her voice in the dual roles of Anneliese and Erika. I had to keep reminding myself that she was the same person! The Princess and the Pauper was also the first musical in the series, and while some of the songs were mediocre, most of them were beautiful! This fanlisting is named after my second favorite song from the film, Dominick and Erika's duet, "If You Love Me For Me" (my top favorite has to be "Written in Your Heart," the ending theme). So if you haven't seen this movie yet, check it out ASAP!

ErikaErika: Erika was a lonely indentured servant with an incredible voice. Although she wanted to travel the world and become a famous singer, she was tied to her master, the cruel dressmaker, Madame Carp. This all changed one fateful day, however. Erika was singing for coins in the marketplace when she ran into none other than Princess Anneliese, who had escaped from the palace for a day to enjoy some freedom before she was forced to marry King Dominick, a total stranger.

Erika and Anneliese realize that they have a lot in common, the most obvious thing being that they look identical to each other, with one exception--Erika is brunette and Anneliese is blonde. The two bond when they realize that they both dream of freedom, but are bound to their responsibilities. Anneliese has resigned herself to marrying Dominick as planned, but plans go terribly awry when her mother's corrupt advisor, Preminger, has Anneliese kidnapped, reasoning that if Anneliese were to "run away," Dominick would cancel the wedding, and then he could marry Anneliese and inherit the kingdom.

What Preminger didn't bargain on was Erika. Anneliese's best friend, Julian, approaches Erika, telling her of his suspicions that Anneliese was actually kidnapped, not that she had run away. He asks Erika to double for Anneliese until he can find her--and Erika's whirlwind adventure begins.

Once in the palace, Erika begins her princess lessons. She's fitted out with a blonde wig and new wardrobe, but even though she's grateful to be waited on hand and foot for once, she finds that fitting into the Princess' shoes is a lot harder than she would have bargained for. Her streetwise ways have a habit of peeking out, from her friendly interactions with the servants to her not-so-dignified ways of walking and talking. She fears that she will never be able to convince the Queen, or King Dominick for that matter.

However, Dominick is besotted with Erika's warm and open personality, and Erika finds herself falling in love with the King.

(I won't say more, because I don't want to give away the ending. Rent or buy the movie and see for yourself what happens!)

DominickDominick: Dominick may be the ruler of a nearby kingdom, but he certainly isn't the stereotypical egocentric king of yore. He agrees to wed Princess Anneliese at her mother's request, but has no desire to marry a total stranger. He dresses up as a page in order to watch Anneliese in the palace and see what sort of girl she is, and although his advisor disagrees with the deception, he goes along with it.

However, unbeknownst to Dominick, the girl he's getting to know is actually Erika, not Princess Anneliese. He is captivated by her openness, and her genuine sweet personality. At one point, he drops by her sweet looking for her, and can hear her in her bath singing a very sweet song to her cat, Wolfie, who acts more like a dog. He listens for awhile, captivated not only by the beauty of her voice, but of the sweetness of her words ("There is not one hair of you that I would rearrange / I love you the way you are and that will never change"). Blushing and smiling, Dominick leaves the girl and her cat to enjoy each other's company.

When Erika (as Anneliese) is presented to Dominick, she feels awkward and out of place. However, Dominick reaches out to her, showing her that he doesn't care if she is clumsy or more outspoken than the traditional "Princess"; he likes her the way she is. They perform a song for Anneliese's mother, bonding over mutual their love of music; they spend the afternoon and evening strolling the gardens, talking and playing fetch with Wolfie. Dominick was completely smitten with Erika.

When Erika's true idenitity was revealed, Dominick was confused and felt betrayed...but there was a nagging feeling in his heart that Erika was innocent...

(I won't say more, because I don't want to give away the ending. Rent or buy the movie and see for yourself what happens!)

Why? So why did I make this fanlisting? Well, I have to say, when I was watching the movie, Erika and Dominick really struck a cord with me. I liked Erika about a thousand times better than Anneliese, and I just don't know why. I really like her. And I like Dominick, too. He reminds me of Alcander from Sirene~Water Warrior. In fact, I liked him about a million times better than Julian. And their romance was just so...sweet! Aww! The whole time I was watching the movie, I kept thinking, "Aww! I like them. I want to make a fanlisting for them." So I did. :-D

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