Dragon Booster is a futuristic sci-fi fantasy series, based heavily on the legend of King Arthur. The series focuses primarily on 16 year old Artha Penn, who works as a stablehand at his father's dragon racing stables. Although his father, Connor Penn, was a great dragon racer in his day, Artha would much rather race dragons in video games than in real life. All this is about to change, however. A sinister force is planning on bringing about a second Dragon-Human war, a conflict between the two species that nearly tore the world apart five thousand years ago.

The only one who can prevent the war is the Dragon Booster, who can combine his powers with that of the legendary gold dragon. Although this dragon was long thought to be extinct, Connor Penn has recently bred a new gold dragon. People flock from all over Dragon City in an attempt to claim the gold dragon as their own; however, the gold dragon Beaucephalis ("Beau") has already chosen his rider: Artha.

Although Artha is dubious about his own inner strength, his father encourages him to release his inner dragon. Artha only realizes his destiny, however, when he and his family are attacked by Moordryd Paynn. Moordryd is the son of Word Paynn, CEO of Paynn Inc, leader of the Dragon Eyes, and Connor Penn's old rival. Word wants to claim the gold dragon for his own, and secretly plans to start a new Dragon-Human War in the hopes that he can gain control over all dragons and rule the world.

When the Penn Stables are attacked, Artha's father vanishes. When Beau rescues Artha from the cave-in of his old home, Artha's powers awaken, and he realizes that he must fulfill the destiny that his father had laid out for him, and he becomes the Dragon Booster.

From that day forward, Artha and Beau combine their forces to prevent conflicts that could lead to the Dragon-Human War, and attempt to stop Word Paynn in his tracks. They are joined by Lance, Artha's younger brother; Parmon Sean, Artha's best friend; and Kitt Wonn, a talented young dragon rider whom Artha has a strong attraction to. They also encounter Mortis, a mysterious Dragon Priest who seems to have a connection to Artha and Lance. On their journey, they struggle to become strong dragon riders in tune with their dragons, and attempt to unite humans and dragons for all time.

Dragon Booster is an incredible series, filled with action-packed races and heartwarming characters. The hero, Artha, is a rare treat in that he's not an angsty hero nor a rebel with an attitude. He's simply a normal boy who likes to play video games, who is confronted with an incredible destiny. Although he is justifiably wary of his duty, he values his friends and family above everything and will do anything to protect them. Another intriguing character is the enigmatic Moordryd Paynn, who begins the series as just another villain, but over the three seasons the series has run, develops into a complex character who is desparate to please his father. The evolution of Moordryd from foe into friend is most satisfactory, and is just another great characteristic of this amazing series.

With humor, action, and romance, not to mention cutting-edge cel shaded CG graphics and stellar voice acting, Dragon Booster is a series that should not be overlooked. For more information about this series, please visit the official website. Also, please check out Dragon City and participate in their campaign to keep this incredible series on the air!