Artha Penn is the son of Connor Penn, a famous dragon breeder and owner of Penn stables. Although his father had high hopes for him as a dragon racer, Artha was more interested in leading a simple life and playing video games. All this changed, however, when Artha's father bred Beaucephalis, a gold dragon. Beau's powers were legendary, but only the rider of Beau's choosing could use these powers. This rider would become the Dragon Booster, the hero of legend.

As a stablehand for his father, Artha was put in charge of caring for Beau, and although Artha initially had an apathetic attitude towards his dragon, Beau seemed to immediately favor the boy. Although riders came from all over Dragon City to attempt to mount the gold dragon, Beau was only interested in one person.

Although his father tried to encourage Artha to step up and face his destiny, Artha was reluctant. However, when Penn Stables was attacked, Artha's father disappeared, and Artha's younger brother, Lance, was put in danger, Beau came to the rescue. When Artha climbed on the dragon's back, Beau's powers were released, and Artha realized that he could no longer deny his connection to Beau, and his role as the Dragon Booster. From that day forward, Artha and Beau became a formidable team: a dragon racing duo by day, and crime fighters by night.

The bond that Artha and Beau share is by far one of the most dynamic relationships in the series. They are not to be mistaken for "pet" and "master"; Beau and Artha consider each other equals, and have a deep friendship based on respect. Although Beau likes to tease Artha (how can a dragon tease a human? Trust me, he can), and Artha sometimes snips about his "stupid dragon," in reality, they love each other. Beau has risked his own life for Artha time and time again, and Artha would give anything for Beau. This bond is what allows them to fully awaken their powers as Dragon Booster.

Why make a fanlisting about Beau and Artha? Because they're adorable, that's why! The bond that the two share reminds me of the bonds I have with my dogs, or like the bond between a horse owner and her horse. It's a different kind of relationship than the kind two humans share, and it's just so...special! *eyes sparkle* From the episode where they switch bodies, to the time when Beau was possessed, you can see the love Artha and Beau share. When Artha thought he lost Beau, he looked as though the world had ended.

The bond between Artha and Beau is undoubtedly the most important bond in the series. If they didn't share this connection, the Dragon Booster would not even exist. Because of this, the series has focused a lot on their relationship with each other. After seeing episodes such as "All Is Not Lost" and "The Changelings," I just knew I had to make a fanlisting to celebrate them!