About the Characters
Galtar is a young man determined to right the wrongs of the evil Lord Tormak, who murdered his parents. He embarks on a quest to find the golden lance, a weapon with unimaginable power. Accompanied by Goleeta, he travels into the dangerous Skull Forest to find the Ithar, the hermit, for he is the only being who knows how to obtain the lance. Since Galtar's intentions to use the golden lance were unselfish, he is able to wield it to his will. Galtar may seem serious at times, but he is a kind soul who enjoys having fun.

Princess Goleeta
Goleeta's parents were also slain by Tormack, as well as her castle being overthrown, and the Sacred Shield, a magical treasure that Goleeta inherited, being stolen by Tormak. Goleeta teams up with Galtar on his quest to Bandasar, for she has sworn to retrieve the shield, and her throne. Goleeta later receives a magic armlet, that when she presses one of the three stones adourning it, either an ice beam shoots out, a ray of fire, or she can call on Ravensclaw, a dragon-like beast to assist her in battle. Goleeta is one to never give up, and will surely succeed in the battle against Tormack.

Zorn is Goleeta's younger brother, whom Goleeta thought was killed along with their parents. It turns out, that during the siege of the palace, Zorn managed to escape and hid in the hills for some time, until Tormak managed to capture him to ensnare Goleeta in a trap. The trio managed to outsmart him, however, and Zorn has now joined their party. Born with the power of telekinesis, Zorn controlls the mighty Sky Screamer, and awesome boomerang that he wields in battle. Zorn is accompanied by his friend, Crodo, a bird-like animal that assists him in times of need.

Lord Tormak
Tormak is the ruthless and cruel ruler of Bandasar. With his army of Gurzas, he plans to take over the world. Tormak once tried to obtain the Golden Lance, and lost an eye trying. Now, with Goleeta's Sacred Shield, he plans to obtain Galtar's lance once again, and will stop at nothing to claim it.

Rava is Tormak's beautiful niece, who craves power. Never truly on one's side, she is the meaning of "Double-crossed." Rava has feelings for Galtar, and wishes for him to join her. She and Goleeta have a bit of a rivalry going on, and yet, Rava was the one who gave Goleeta the magic armlet! Lethal, yet lovely, Rava is one not to cross.

Krimm is Tormak's loyal sorcerer, who assists him with discovering the awesome power of the Sacred Shield. Krimm seems to know everything that Galtar and his companions are doing, and endlessly tries to come up with a way to defeat them.

Mursa is a snakey sorceress on an eternal quest for youth. She tried to steal Goleeta's beauty, and nearly succeeded! Just as tricky as Krimm, she and he even teamed up to destroy Galtar.

Rak is a greedy dwarf who would double-cross his own son. In fact, he did! Rak is on an endless search for riches, and will either assist Galtar and his friends, or Tormak to get some.

Tuk is Rak's son, who was sold by his father to Mursa for a goat. Like father, like son, is the phrase that comes to mind with these two! Tuk is just as greedy as his father, and can, at times, be a bit of a blabbermouth.

The White Knight
The White Knight is a mysterious stranger who has helped Galtar more than once in a time of need. Strange, yet virtuous, the Knight once also possessed the Golden Lance.

Ithar is a hermit who lives in Skull Forest. Galtar sought him out to learn how to obtain the Golden Lance. A kind soul, Ithar will always be there for Galtar.