I know, I know. Rules put a damper on the party. But these ones are easy, I promise!

1) You must be a fan of the show Galtar and the Golden Lance. (duh)

2) You have to provide a name. It doesn't have to be your REAL name, a screen name will work just fine. That way, we can list you. Also, please do not give a last name; if a last name is given, I will only display your first name.

3) You also have to provide your geographic location and your e-mail address, but if you don't want your e-mail made public, just let me know and I won't display it.

4) If you have a website, it would be really nice if you put up one of the buttons found here, and linked it to It's not required, but you'd do it anyway, to promote the fandom, right? *wink wink*

5) Please, no direct linking!

Those aren't hard, right? ^_^ Now, please feel free to join!