About the Show
Series Synopsis: The quest to Bandasar begins when a young man, Galtar, a warrior from Aranon, and an independent princess, Goleeta, rightful ruler of Dingol, vow to vanquish the evil Lord Tormak. Later, they are joined by Zorn, Goleeta's boisterous younger brother. Together, the trio meet sorceresses and enchanters, dwarves and nerms, hermits and knights, all on their journey to Bandasar.

Where Can I See It? You've never seen Galtar, and you want to check it out? You're a longtime fan who pines to relive moments of yore? Alas, the series is not out on DVD, so I can't tell you to run out and buy/rent it. However, it does air on Cartoon Network's Boomerang channel! Boomerang tends to rotate their shows every few months, so check your local listings to see if you have the channel, and what time Galtar airs.