Welcome (back) to KFU!

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Welcome (back) to KFU!

#1 Post by Kidagakash85 » Mon Jun 12, 2006 2:46 pm

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Kidagakash Fans Unite!

As many of you know, this group has been through a lot: uptimes, downtimes, and moves. We began as a Yahoo! Club, but left when it became Yahoo! Groups and converted from messageboards to mailing lists. We switched to Network54, where we stayed for a few years. Most of our current active members have been with us since Network54.

However, the pop-up ads and demands for downloading spyware began to grate on the members, and as a group we decided to switch to PHPBB. I moved the forum to my old domain, Blue-Magic.org. Unfortunately, my host was very unreliable, and there were numerous hacks and server crashes that caused the forum to go down for months at a time.

Finally, I decided to leave my host and found a new, better host. So, now, on my new domain, I'm proud to re-open KFU on Noble-Scarlet.net. It is terribly unfortunate that not only were we forced to endure almost five months of downtime, but also that all our old posts from the forum have been lost due to a corrupt backup file. However, I am confident that we will be able to rebuild the community, and make it even stronger than before!

KFU has always strived to provide a community where people of all ages across the globe can come together and make friends, based around our common fandom of Disney, Atlantis, and Princess Kida. We have active members from at least three different continents, and ages ranging from early teens to twenties and thirties. We pride ourselves on being welcoming to everyone, and providing an environment that is friendly to all ages. We hope that you will consider joining our community!