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New member registrations

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:39 pm
by Kidagakash85
I was alerted that new members who would register to the site were not being approved - on the old version of PHPBB, it would email me when someone would register, but now it's not. Fortunately Wax let me know what was going on, and when I finally managed to track down the pending members queue, I found quite a few new members who had not been approved and whose membership requests had been sitting there for months. I'm so sorry, everyone! :oops: I have updated the settings so that new members just have to click an email link to activate their accounts rather than having to wait on me. With the new anti-spam measures we have installed, I'm anticipating that we won't have a problem - we'll see how this works out! Sorry again to all the members who have not been able to log on to the forums!

P.S. If you registered for an account previously and haven't been approved as of now, please register again!