Rules for posting

Rules to read before posting and other important announcements can be found here. PLEASE check this section for important updates!
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Rules for posting

#1 Post by Kidagakash85 » Mon Jun 12, 2006 4:43 pm

Why must there always be rules? *sighs* Well, I'll try to keep these simple. Please remember, however, that these rules are vital to keep KFU running! It is important to create an organized environment that is everyone will be comfortable in.

Respect Stuff

1) RESPECT YOUR FELLOW POSTER. I know arguments happen, but I would appreciate it if there could be no name-calling. If you have an issue with a fellow poster, please resolve it one-on-one via private messaging, and don't clutter the board with it. If you need me to help mediate a disagreement, please feel free to PM or e-mail me.

2) LANGUAGE - This ties in with respecting your fellow poster. Please do not engage in bad language of any sort. Mild swearwords may be accepted, depending on the context. Please remember that this board is open to all ages, so let's try to keep the language family friendly. Swear words with dashes or * withing them (aka dumba--) will be accepted.

3) POLITICS - No. To quote Genvid:
Don't discuss them, don't infer them, if you publicize your opinion on anything deemed political, you will be banned.
I will probably lock the post and issue a friendly reminder/warning before banning, but I feel it is important to keep politics, religion, and other controversial subjects off the board in order to maintain an atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome. Controversial subjects too often lead to arguments or people getting offended.

Posting Guidelines

1) PLEASE POST IN THE CORRECT FORUM. Each forum is labeled with what is acceptable within each. Some overlap is acceptable (i.e. a Milo character discussion could take place in either the characters section or the films section), but posting a Milo character discussion in "real life" would not be acceptable. If you post in the wrong forum, I will move the topic. If you consistently post in the wrong forum, I will get exceedingly irritated and probably issue you a warning. I have a very busy schedule and I don't have time to move posts all day long. :wink:

*SPECIAL NOTE* Website plugging shall go in the Website Center only. Any posts in other forums or replies to other topics that plug your website will be deemed spam and locked/deleted and you may be issued a warning. I will try to be lenient, but if all you ever post is, "BTW, you should join my website," it's going to get really old, really fast. (Website plugs in signatures ARE acceptable)

2) PLEASE DON'T CREATE A NEW TOPIC IF THE TOPIC ALREADY EXISTS. Please check the forum for posts that are related to your topic before starting a new discussion, so there aren't multiple discussions going at the same time. If you wish to reply to something someone else has said, please press "reply" instead of "new topic." I will be lenient on this about subjects that are somewhat different, as long as you don't post direct replies as new topics. :)

3) PLEASE FOLLOW ANY OTHER GUIDELINES LISTED IN INDIVIDUAL FORUMS. This mostly applies to to the Fanworks sections.


Well, that's it. I hope these rules aren't too demanding. I feel they are necessary to maintain order and peace on the board. If you have any questions, please PM me.

Also, keep in mind, I sound a lot meaner here than I really am. If there's ever a problem, I promise I will try to help resolve it in a friendly manner.