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Closed membership

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 10:50 pm
by Kidagakash85
Hey guys,

As you can probably tell by reading the announcement above, I have closed membership to the forum. You all know that we were getting spam members like crazy. Last month I made it admin-approve only, meaning that I had to approve new members before they could post. Since then, I've been deleting 6-10 new members a day, and all of them spammers advertising all sorts of inappropriate things.

It turns out that Jay over at Genvid was having the same problem, so he closed membership and made it so that potential new members had to fill out a form explaining why they wanted to join before they would be added. With his help, I decided to implement that policy here. Now, genuine new members just need to fill out this simple form with their name, e-mail, desired username, and brief blip why they want to join, and I can add them. This should make forum management so much easier, and forum posting that much more fun! :D

Hopefully, this will all work out well. Carry on, Kida fans!

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:02 pm
by Kidagakash85
I opened membership the past few days becaue I knew some new members were coming, but in that amount of time I got a frillion spam members and I am so sick of having to delete them, so I closed membership again but this time I put a HUGE NOTE (like that) on the register page that says, "YOU CANNOT USE THIS FORM, CLICK HERE FOR THE REAL JOIN FORM", so I don't see how ANYONE could miss that (note: huge). Even if spammers start using that form, it is SO much easier to just delete an e-mail spam then have to login, search member, delete member, ban IP, etc.

I think this should solve all our problems.