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I make all of my avatars with Paint Shop Pro 9 (which, sadly, is not free, but there are ways around that.. not that I condone such things.)

For my animated avatars I used Animation Shop 3, which actually came with my version of Paint Shop. Its not hard to work with at all once you get used to it. I've never used Photoshop, so I have NO idea what thats like at all.

The Whack-A-Mole avatar I'm using right now was a bit more complicated though, and involved a lot of different programs to make. I had to download part of the movie from youtube as an mp4 file, convert to avi, upload in Windows Movie Maker, cut out the clip I wanted, save as an wmv, convert to mpg4, convert back to avi, then convert to gif and open in Animation Shop.

It was a LOT of work for one little avatar, but totally worth it.

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