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We can post fanfiction, fanart, and other fandom stuff here. This is also a place to come to in order to discuss ideas for fanworks!
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Story synopsis

#1 Post by Adenostar » Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:33 pm

Since the forum says "This is also a place to come to in order to discuss ideas for fanworks!", thats what I'm gonna do.

Okay, so after I fell back into the Atlantis fandom, I got this idea for a fanfic. I don't expect it to ever turn into anything epic (or even that good to be honest), but it gives me a chance to practice my writing and also flesh out my fan character in order to keep her realistic and non Mary Sueish.


(As a note: This storyline is based on the first movie only. At no point in any future storyline will Milos Return ever take place. I write as if that movie never happens.)

The year is 1915, a year after the first movie, Milo and Kida have been summoned to the surface by Mr. Whitmore. They're informed that its important and they need to be there for it. Originally, I had wanted to get the whole team into the fic, but that would be a lot of people to write for. So for now its just Milo, Kida, Audrey, Vinny, and Mole.

If you're wondering where Sweet, Cookie, and Mrs. Packard are.. I came up with excuses for them. Sweet has his hands full with a measles outbreak at the hospital he works at, Cookie opened a restaurant somewhere down south, and Mrs. Packard... she got married again and is on her honeymoon. Not bad for someone her age. XDD

So anyway, the group arrives at Whitmore manor, where they meet Mr. Whitmores youngest niece, Catherine, whos been staying with him since six months after the team first went to Atlantis.

After they arrive, Mr. Whitmore sits them all down to tell them what they were summoned for. A few weeks prior, he received a letter from a former associate of his named Harold Manning. Harold disappeared about 3 years ago while on an expedition in Tibet. Seems he was in the mountains searching for some mythological lost city. Hey, that sounds familiar! Turns out hes found the city, a place called Shangri-la.

Milo wants to know what this has to do with him and Kida, and we learn that in his letter, Harold describes the people of Shangri-la as having snow white hair and strange glowing crystals. Could these be Atlanteans that somehow escaped the flood and built a new civilzation in Tibet, or merely their descendants? Either way, Milo and Kida are all about going to check it out.

Plans are made, things are packed, lots of talking goes on about the trip. Cat gets sent along by her uncle, mostly as his representative, but also because she studied archeology and Mr. Whitmore thinks it'll be good for her. And thats pretty much where I'm at right now. I managed to get about 3 chapters written up, and the team is currently bound for Tibet.

I've written a total of 2 chapters (working on the third), all of which are quite lengthy, averaging around 4000 words each. Currently, the team is heading toward a town near the mountains in a yak drawn cart. I kinda hit a block, and due to some real life issues I have to put the rest of the story on hiatus, but hopefully I can pick it back up again at some point.

I spent a lot of time in the beginning focusing on character dialogue and interaction, then switched to more descriptive writing, just to get them through most of their travels. I can't very well write down every tiny detail of the trip, but I try to write down the more interesting, and often funny aspects. Such as Cat singing her own rendition of Mary Had a Little Lamb (Catherine Had Some Little Yaks). XD

And of course, theres also my plot within the plot with Cat and Mole, as the first story in what I hope will be a series is where they actually end up together. To be honest, while I don't want the entire story to focus too much on the two of them, it has been a blast writing out their interactions with each other. Their personalities do tend to conflict now and then, as Moles rather lecherous with young women, and Cats not the type to do anything with a guy until he puts a ring on her finger. Naturally this leads to a clash of personalities and she has to smack him once in a while when he doesn't behave himself. XD

Eventually, after my hiatus is over, I plan to go back and rewrite most of the story. Its really just a rough draft right now, just to get my ideas typed out so I don't forget them. I think it could use some more detail though, and Cat needs a bit more fleshing out so she doesn't stray too close to being a Mary Sue.

Originally, as I have mentioned elsewhere, Cat was created JUST so I could hook her up with Mole, and while I do want that to be a part of the story, I don't ever want it to be the biggest part. I have about 3 stories planned out so far, some of them actually based on episodes that would have been part of the series that was never made, and through each story, the relationship between Cat and Mole progresses.

The rest of the series will bring back the rest of the team as well, so I can get everyone involved, without having to have them all involved at once.

I don't usually ever show my work to anyone. I'm very self conscious about my writing, you see. But if anyones interested, I wouldn't mind emailing or PMing it to you. But keep in mind its not finished, and theres no telling how long my hiatus will be.

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