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#1 Post by Pharoah » Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:16 pm

Being Half-Atlan myself, guess you all know what that means :D (inside joke)

Now, this startled some players, wowed others, and straight up messed around with the heads of others. Sorry, but had you seen ATLE back in 2001, (and remembered it) This would look.....rather familiar to you. If not, well... Too bad.

This is a little something i took the time to re-hardwired, and added an Advanced Pod Controller too. It walks on the ground, is made of stone, carry's 2 people, and well.... See for yourself.

As you can see, 'somebody's' stone arrangement. Looks kinda cool doesn't it? ... jpg?psid=1

Here you can see a dumbfounded player going "wtf!??!" ... jpg?psid=1

With a push of a button, the rocks fly up, and create what is a strong resemblance of the Martak from ATLE. (yeah ik the Martak has 8 legs, get over yourself.) ... jpg?psid=1

Even when not walking around, you can exit this vehicle and it remains still, like a statue. It even has energy bolts which are emitted off it's backside to attack foes. ... jpg?psid=1

The lesson today? Don't mess with an Atlantean Artisan/Blacksmith.

Sorry, but i had to add URL tags since Image tags didn't work.

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