Nishentomen: Atlantis in Friends of Gaia's setting

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Nishentomen: Atlantis in Friends of Gaia's setting

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I run a quest on called Friends of Gaia. It's NSFW by nature of the protagonist (and a few scenes that are probably worth the M rating though no smut) but the setting isn't nsfw beyond that which is what I'm here to talk about. The prequel of this is almost certainly nsfw and probably nc-17 given what's depicted which is much more extreme that whatever I've been writing given that was a completely different author. Friends of Gaia itself revolves around monster fights and exploring the world uncovering certain mysteries. While the quest doesn't focus on Atlantis in particular, Atlantis has quite the presence in the background, given Atlantis is involved in one of those mysteries.

The gist of this setting involves "modern day" Earth or 2015 Earth that has the events of Shin Godzilla followed up by one monster movie after another. Several more Kaiju attacks which leads to a rather surprise declaration of war by the Mu Empire (or what remains of it) in December. Atlantis (under the rule of Queen Kida and Milo) chooses then to reveal itself in order to intervene and alongside the Seatopians pretty much cut down the threat. While the two subterranean nations are integrating themselves into the society plagued with alien invasions and giant monsters, they become quite the interest among archeologists and anthropologists. Atlanteans take up linguistics (mainly from Milo's influence) and translators attempting to learn more from the outside world. As such revelations that Atlantis had colonies in the Pacific becomes a pretty big deal. Especially when it turns out those colonies are responsible for creating Gyaos and Gamera.

Friends of Gaia's main story takes place from 2020-2022, and currently is just skimming the surface of the legacy of Atlantis and their Pacific colonies. Bendhragada "Bennie" serves as the Atlantean on our multi-national team that includes the protagonist of the story Tara or as she's also known Gaia. She's the God Queen (by effective vote) of the Royal Confederated Tribes of Nishentomen. Nishentomen is descended from Atlantean meaning Land of the Spirits (with some corruption and liberties). Nishentomen is the remnants of an Atlantean research colony who've since gone native and undergone some unique mutations (from wolf ears to more out there things like crystal growths and shells) due to the radiation of the island. The tribal cultures and languages have largely changed from the base Atlantean especially given how literacy isn't that wide spread. Of course the other consideration comes from the secondary language influence and that takes us out of Friends of Gaia's current focus and into the background setting itself.

Atlantis wasn't the sole superpower for most of its existence before the Great Flood. The peoples of the Mu Continent provided a check in the Pacific Ocean region as while they lacked the crystal tech of Atlantis, they had access to something just as good: Mana. The Muan people would effectively be called Austronesian as while Atlantean remains the mother language for many tongues, Muan would also survive and be carried on to be spoken throughout Asia and Oceania, even carried to Madagascar. In the Indian ocean there is a minor civilization where the Elias who were small fairy like people who've got some magic capability, but between the two, they are only really significant because of one thing. Their ability to handle (be it seal or communicate) with Kaiju.

Giant monsters are common during this time period of pre-history. Mostly contained within the Mu Continent, Atlantis could never really gain a foothold on that continent. The fact the Mu Empire was eventually able to command some of the monsters meant contesting was not worth the effort. But when the Mu continent sank, Atlantis gained more land for expansion, but had to deal with the remaining Kaiju that survived. Hence why the Leviathan was developed. The Mebelmok would ultimately be tied to this increased weapons research leaving the colonies to go their own way. The story of Gungnir (and Hadad Seydlag) is one that links to another potential story. But well this setting is built with those in mind. The world of Atlantis and Mu or even the world pre/post Mebelmok are worth exploring in further detail.

While I might not be posting the quest in full here, what I will be doing is more info dumping/world building, on certain details like the story of Hadad Seydlag, or more about the colonies. What food did they bring with them? How did they interact with each other? Atlantis in this setting is a fusion of Atlantis that have appeared in other monster movies and the Lost Empire incarnation, though the Empire of Atlantis plays quite the role in the modern day age. After all the Whitmore expedition happened, but the whole Ragnarok attempt never did happen. Still the setting stuff still remains to be integrated as appropriate. Just don't ask why Helga Sinclair is still kicking around with the Pacific Nations Kaiju Taskforce over a hundred years later. That's a whole other post to deal with.

Atlantis was one of the settings I definitely considered involving from the get-go of this story I made almost spontaneously in July 2017. The serendipity of how it worked with the other ancient civilizations solidified its place as a core setting. This forum provided quite a bit for language related details, and as such I'd like to give you a bit of foreshadowing that you'd be able to appreciate. The legacy of the Atlanteans of Nishentomen involved developing this: Neshingen imag mebelmok. Next arc will be the start of dealing with those....

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