Guidelines for posting in the Website Center

Have a new Atlantis site you'd like to share with us? Updates on your website? Anything at all to do with websites goes here!
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Guidelines for posting in the Website Center

#1 Post by Kidagakash85 » Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:24 pm

Here is where you can post about your website or recommend links. The following types of topics are acceptable:

1) New website recommendations/links

2) Updates on existing websites

3) Moved websites

4) Invitations to join other fan communities

New topics may be started about the same website, or all updates may be posted as replies to earlier topics. I don't really care in this forum. However, please make use of this forum. This is the place you promote your website at.

Any posts in other forums or replies to other topics that plug your website will be deemed spam and locked/deleted and you may be issued a warning. I will try to be lenient, but if all you ever post is, "BTW, you should join my website," it's going to get really old, really fast. (Website plugs in signatures ARE acceptable)