Lessons in Okrand's Atlantean

Discussions about the Atlantean language and culture can go here. Think of it as a one-stop reference guide for fanfics.
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lol... back to Garry's Mod (and working on the Lady In The Water Parody...)

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Reading Lesson

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I wonder how far along I got in the lessons! Well, I've posted most of what I've found online somewhere.

Here’s a practice text to encourage learners of Atlantean.

Now, I'm going to give you a plan for different levels of difficulty:
1. Hardest - Begin with the text in Atlantean Script, then try to dicipher it using the resources given and other Internet resources:
http://www.freewebs.com/keran_shadlag/a ... d=31219511
2. Less Hard - Begin with the Romanized text.
3. Less Easy - Use the Glossary.
4. Easiest - Use the translation at the bottom of the page.

The greater the struggle, the better the pay-off. This is a useful exercise on a number of levels. :hug:

Contact me if you'd like any explanation. roger158 at msu.edu I may have made mistakes.

Wikipedia has a decent grammar I wrote under “Atlantean Language” and the Yahoo Group has documents which should help, although everything’s not perfect due to my being busy.





Romanized Text:

NAL din Wilenmok Tipimmokbey [yos] Demottem med esimkem. Nu duwdenetentem demotmokenag pak benentem digenmil kudoblekem. Kunettem gom gemebekem pasilin deg lot dunalin sapohgonkem. Duweren esekem [yos] remeglantem net. Nu gonimot deg gwenognohtem masikimkem ad nu denetalishentem gim weshgohnohtem masiklekemetoh. Ludentem Demotag komtibimesh pannebag gim sapohag gesuglekem. Ad deremnoh deg nunaltem remeg kerodtem makitag gwisin net lotane[toh], gim kaperenesh deg taben masikgontoh gim Megidim Demotag bet Adesh neshinggontoh deg kaperlan tugin dunalin plitak gonetot.

[Here's some of the more essential "grammatical mistakes" corrected, which aren't corrected in the online text.]


Glossary (None of the roots are made up, but their meanings when combined are: )

Ad: the proper name of the Mother Crystal, based on Ad-lan-tis as well as Donnelly's Ad-am and Plato's At-ena and Neith, other things.
alish : child
ben digenmil : tunnel, interior path
deg : relative pronoun for objects : describes the object of a sentence near it
demotmok : mountain
deremnoh : here, memories, perhaps nightmares
du-nal-in : again ; from du- two nal- time –in adverb
duw-denet : root ; from duw-er and denet
gem-eb : to burrow ; from gem : ground and verb suffix –eb
gon : to change, to become
kaper : thought
komtibim : a reserve
kudob : to carve, to write
lan : the area of
lotan : as a verb, to storm
megidim : the destruction
nal din : once ; nal time din one
neshing: here, as a verb: to use as a sword
noh : means either “innumerable” or a count noun
nu : now ; from nu-rosh
plitak-mil : dark, -mil as an adjective suffix
remeg : below, unmoving
sapoh : to enjoy mindfully, appreciate
sapoher : wisdom
tipimmok : great
wesh-goh-noh : grain, the staple (~goh) of life(wesh)
wilenmok : empire


A Translation:

We were once the greatest empire on the earth. Now, we carve tunnels through the roots of mountains. We burrow to the surface that we might again see the light. We are in exile, here deep below. Now, instead of murder we exchange fruit and grain. We help the peoples of the earth with our stores of knowledge and wisdom. Yet the memories of the past brood over the heart of our king, and his mind grows dark again with thoughts that men might come and wield Ad to the destruction of the World.
Hello ! Supak ! Good-bye ! Gamok !
Success ! Badeg ! Fail ! Karok !
Please. Beket. Thanks. Pag.
I speak a little Atlantean. Ad tip. (do "little" gesture)

Photo Credits:
"Atlantis-The Lost Empire Model Sheets" The Disney Informer. Ed. Tim Montgomery, 1996-2007. 27 Feb. 2007

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Oh, I'm glad you're back!! I will change the link on my website to your new site. Thank you so much for your hard work!! :hug:

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#64 Post by MobiusCoffee » Wed Dec 18, 2013 8:00 am

I worked out your reader, but I'm not sure if I've done it 100% correctly. The word "lot" appears in the paragraph, but I'm about 90% sure that it's supposed to be "lat"

Here's the PDF I made in any case:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByJxyh ... sp=sharing

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#65 Post by MobiusCoffee » Wed Dec 18, 2013 8:04 am

Sorry for double posting, but this may be better branched off as a new topic.

I started taking some of the phrases that are in the corpus and tried to put them into something that would resemble lessons. I may expand it to make it include grammar lessons and whatnot. Right now it more ressembles a phrasebook.

Here it is:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByJxyh ... sp=sharing

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