English to Atlantean Simplified Dictionary

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English to Atlantean Simplified Dictionary

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English to Atlantean Dictionary

<Not a single one of these words is 'made-up', although in a a few cases the discipherment may be controversial.>

Pharoah asked for a dictionary from English to Atlantean, so here’s a much-reduced form that I made a month or so ago for Zompist BBoard. Please don’t think this is the all there is to know about Atlantean or that the lessons are over now.

Here's a simplified version of one of the more recent drafts of my Atlantean Dictionary. It omits a lot of notes on translation that I hope to put online sometime in the next year. This is an English Aphabetical Order English to Atlantean Consise Dictionary by me. These were my best translations based on my own examination of the various sources. Of course, I am indebted in this work to the grammatical endings once found on Wikipedia and I've double-checked some of the definitions I came found with those of Delalyra and Morris. All sources will be sited within reason and professionalism in the final draft. Most definitions I arrived at on my own, as I was at that time quite unaware of any dictionaries aside from Atlantima's.

Most sources are sited. If bold text showed in this message board, you'd see which words and letters are actually canonical and which ones are derived based on transliterations systems Atlantean fans have been working on. None of these words are made-up by fans. I am refering to whether or not the word originally occurs in the canon in Writers, Readers, or Epigraphist Script. As a rule, most words are from the Movie Script (Official Corpus) and all of those are in Readers Script. All words from the movie itself are in Epi Script, being a computer-friendly system of representing Atlantean Script.

Of course, in all my Atlantean discipherment work, I am intricately indebted to all past Atlantean language scholars, noted in full in the bibliography of my book. Notable among these and full worthy of naming here are: Paul Sherrill, Atlantima, Delalyra, Shahnahnahkehm, Rebmakash, Dennis Falk, Leenay, and Jefferey Henning. I apologize for any I've forgotten.

It is incomplete: as this draft is, it lacks entries for grammatical endings, other suffixes, and 100 or so words that occur in sources outside the movie script.

The Atlantean Language is the property of Disney. All fan-derived work presented herein is part of furthering interest in this language.
Copyright 2001 by Disney Enterprises, Inc. Part of research into Atlantean.

English. Writers (Readers, Source) Part of Speech. Also: (Another form, Source). Commnents.
Bolded characters are directly from a reliable source.
Canonical Source Reference Notation
(Source Part Line) (SPPLL)
T = Subterranean Tours: Atlantis - A Traveller's Guide to the Lost City.
S = Atlantis The Lost Empire: The Illustrated Script[Abriged]
W= Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Welcome to My World by Cynthia Benjamin
D=Disney Adventures
K =Kida G =King Q =Queen R=Retainer L=Lookout
AC=Atlantean Cop 11=Atlantean 1, Line 1:Numbers after names indicate their line. Source Notation
S-Script, The Illustrated Script T-Tours, Subterranean Tours
M-Movie, Atlantis The Lost Empire DVD, not the Collector’s DVD, Stock #24084
Q(1-6) - Inscriptions from about DVD 50:55, to be read clockwise from the ‘slot’

Comments on Translation Abbreviations
G=Given, presented in the corpus
C=Certain, with comparisons or grammar I am sure that this is correct
U=Uncertain, my best guess which fits the grammar and the semantics AMAP or is from a quasi-canonical work (Subterranean Tours).
All decipherment notes are removed along with anything else that prevents a definition of one line apiece. See Atlantean to English for full notes.
R=through the help of Rebmakash

Dictionary Letter Order:
English Alphabetical Order

Grammatical Abbreviations
J interjection W who, what, when, where, why and how) S subject O object C “Conjunction junction, what’s your function?” –School House Rock
N noun A adjective D adverb P post-position
V verb VM verb:modal QN question word for nouns
QV question word for verbs C imperative S statement I interrogative E exclamatory
UC number: cardinal UO ordinal number UD distributive number
UF number: “fractional”
? uncertain
E suffix

11 lines here + 22 lines * 10 pages – 29 letters – 20 or so grammatical suffixes
= 182 words discovered in Atlantean. Out of 700-1000, that’s really humbling.

A ’ ah, uh, a a A City of Atlantis, Heart of Atlantis, bet.
all. sol (SOH-lesh S13K3) N. Takes NI. Also: (SOH-lesh-tem S1.5S1)C.
and. gim (gihm S13K2) C. C.
another. shiban (SHEE-buhn S10M1) A. U.
Atlantean “Parrot lizard.” yeragos (YEH-ruh-gos W ,T, R.) ) N. U.
Atlantean Giant Bug. charokh (CHAR-roakh T Shahnahkehm) N. U.
Atlantean killer firefly. khre (KH-reh T S) N. U.
Atlantean lava whale. ketak obensag (TPAGE58, R.) N.
Atlantean Lobster, name of Province. tuyeb (TOO-yeb T,W,R DVD 10/20 5:35) N. U. sea-turtle-shaped” “airborn fighter”(R). turtak (TOOR-tuhk T, D4445 R) N. U.
Atlantean ostrich. wemot (WEH-moat W or T, R.) N. (DVD 10/20 5:53). U.
Atlantean sport. (DOO-noak T S 2, 12.17.2001) N. U.
Atlantean squid bat. dunok risoyba (DOO-noak REE-soh-y-bah T S) N. U.
Atlantean tiger. bakhodmok (W or T, R.) N. U.
Atlantis. adlantis (AHD-luhn-tih-suhg TUP02, etc.) N. C.

B b b b B Aramaic 500 BC bet, house, .
baracuda-like aircraft” rakuda (RAH-koo-dah T, D4445 R.) N.
bat dunok (DOO-noak T S 2, 12.17.2001) N. U.
but. ad (Uhd S8.503, S09K3) C. C.

C giml, “throwstick” P
cave bat. dunok tinemoshep (DOO-noak TEE-neh-moh-shep T S) N. U.
cave. tinemoshep (TEE-neh-moh-shep T S) U.
chamber. kelob (KEH-loab-tem S13K2) N. C.
city. wilag (WEE-luhg S1.521) N. Also: (WEEL-tem S09G1). C.
copy, likeness, of this thing. imag (EE-muhg TUP04) N. U.
crab-shaped vehicle”. martak (MAHR-tuhk T and D4445, R.) N. U.
crystal. yob (YOAB DVD 50:55, 51:12) N. From YOBESHTEM 50:55. C.

D d d d D digg, “fish” C daleth, P .
d_ 9 9
direction, command. kobd (Koab-DEH-nen S13G1) N. C.

E h_ e, eh e E haw, “jubilation” C.
eight. ya (yah TNU08) UC. It’s numeral is 8.
enclosed. digenmil (DEE-gen-mil S10M1) A. U.
England. enlan (EHN-luh-nuhg TUP01) C.
everyone. tewan (TEH-wuhn-toap S1.5L1) P. C.
eye. okwep (OH-kweh-pen-tem S1.5G1) N. C.

F Actually resembles waw more than W!
familiar you-all. gabr (GAHB-rihn S13K2) R. U.
Father of Kidagakash. Kashekim Nedakh (KAH-sheh-kihm NEH-dakh R.) N. C.
father. tab (TAHB-toap S09K2, S09G3) N. C.
fifth. shadlag (SHAHD-luhg S10M1) UO. C.
five. sha (shah TNU05) UC. It’s numeral is 5. G.
flood belmok (MEH-behl-moak S10K1) N. U.
flying fish...vehicle(R)”.ketak (KEH-tuhk T and D4445 R.) N.
fool. nipuk (NEE-puk S1.501) N. C.
for. bet (bet S8.5K5, S13K2, S13K2) P. C.
four. kut (kut TNU04) UC. Its numeral is 4. G.
friend. prid (preed S8.5M2) N. C.
friendly. priduses (PREE-duss-ess S8.5K6) A. C.

G g g g G Gebô, “gift”, F .
Good-bye. gamok (GAH-moak TEW04) J. G.
Great Flood, The. mebelmok (MEH-behl-moak S10K1) N. U.
great. me (MEH-behl-moak S10K1) N. U.
Greetings [more formal]. degim (Deh-GEEM S09K1) J. G.

ẖ ch ch CH Origin unknown, unsure status.
khH h kh H heth, “fence” C hagalaz, “hail” F
hammerhead vehicle”. atirak (uhk-TEE-ruhk T, D4445, R) N. C.
hand. shayod (SHAH-yoad) NX. From: Q2, Q4: SHAYOD (DVD 50:55, etc.) C.
he. tug (TOOG S8.501) R. Also: (Toog S8.5K1), (S8.512). C.
Hello. supak (SOO-puhk TEW01) J. G.
help. dosep (DOH-sep-tem S09G2) N. U.
Hi! tokh (toakh TEW03) J. G.

I y ih, i, ee i I Like Eye of Horace. .
I. kag (kahg TEW14, etc.) R. Also: S8.5M2, S8.5K6, S13K2, TEW13. C.
immediately. de (Deh S8.5K1) D. C.
in, around. neb (neb SUP04, S09G1, S09G3) U.
inscription. kudobir (KOO-doh-bee-r DVD) N. From KUDOBIRAG(50:55, 51:12) C.
into. net (net S13K2) P. Also: (“NET” DVD 50:55). C.
intruder. getanos (GEH-tuh-noh-sen-tem S13K2) N. C.
it. tok (TOH-kiht S1.5Q2) R. C.

just; only. ser (ser TUP03) D. Also: (sehr S1.5Q2).

K k k k K Kap, “palm of hand” C .
Kraken-shaped “airborn fighter”.kraken (KRAH-ken T and DBARNES4445) N.
KW kw kw KW

L l l,ll l L Lamd, “whip” C .
lair. pred (PREH-desh-tem S05M1) N. Takes NI. U.
land. demot (DEH-moat-tem S13K2) N. C.
language. digtem (DEEG-tem TUP01, TUP02, TUP03) N. C.
lava whale. shemubin (SHEH-moo-bihn T,W, R, S) N. U.
lava. ob (OHB TPAGE58, T. R.) N. From kehtuhkentem ohbensuhg. C.
law. tamar (TAH-mar S09K1) NX. C.
league, 3 miles. leweg (LEH-weg-tem S10M1) N. C.
Leviathan. lotan (LOH-tuh-nug S05M1) N. C.
little. tipimil (TEE-pihm-mil TUP03) A. C.

M m m m M An owl, ‚m’ in hieroglphic , E .
manner, way of doing something. prawit (PRAH-wiht-tem S8.5K5) N. C.
manta ray” vehicle. baylokh (bay-LOAKH T, D4445, R.) N. G.
marker. keran (KEH-ruhn-tem S10M1) N. U.
might. megid (MEH-gid-lih-men S1.511) VM. U.
Milo. A foreign name. Milo (MY-loh S13K3) N. C.
mother ma (MAH-tihm S1.5K1, S1.5K2) N.. U.
must. khop (KHOH-peh-toat S8.502) VM. C.

N n n n N Nahs, “snake” P .
name for people or animate things. anik (AH-nik TEW14) N. U.
name of an inanimate object. legap (LEH-guhp TUP04) N. U.
narwhal “airborn transport”. nartak (NAHR-tuhk T and D4445) N. U.
nine. nit (niht SNU09) UC. It’s numeral is 9. G.
No; not. kwam (kwahm, etc.) DN. Also : (Kwahm S8.512, S13K3) G.
Noun Genitive Suffix -ag (AHD-luhn-tih-suhg TUP02, SHAHD-luhg S10M1) E. C.
Noun Plural Suffix. -en (OH-kweh-pen-tem S1.5G1) E.
Noun Suffix Accusative Case. -tem (TEH-gu-len-tem S1.5L1) E. C.
Noun Suffix Instumental Case. -esh (DEE-gesh TUP04) E.
Noun Suffix Vocative Case Rare for ma.. -tim (MAH-tihm S1.5K1) E. C.
Noun Suffix Vocative Case. -top (TAHB-toap S09K3) E. C.
Numerical Distributive Suffix -nokh (dihn-NOAKH S1.5CP) UD. G

O ‘ oa, oh o O ôþalan" estate, inheritance F .
on (expreses lack of action). meg (DVD 50:55, etc.) P. U.
on (expresses action). med (mehd DVD 50:55, etc.) P. U.
One at a time dinnokh (dihn-NOAKH S1.5CP) UD. G
one. din (dihn TNU01) UN. It’s numeral is 1. G.
outsider, stranger.. duwer (DOO-weh-ren-toap S8.5K2) N. Also: (S09G1). C.

P p p p P Perþô "pear" F
pad. demug (DEH-moog DVD 50:55, etc.)N. C.
path. ben (BEN-tem S10M1) N. C.
peace; peace to you-all or you. weshekmol (WEH-shek-mohl S1.5CP) J.,N. U.
person. lud (LOOD S8.503) N. Also: (S09K2), (S1.521). C.
piranha-shaped ...vehicle”. martag (murh-TUHG T and D4445, R.) N. U.
please. beket (BEH-ket TEW07) V. Also: (BEH-ket-yoakh TEW08) G.
Princess of Atlantis. Kida (KEE-duh-toap S1.5Q1, S1.5Q2, S1.5G1, S09G1) N. G. Kida’s formal name. Kidagakash (KEE-duh-gah-kash R.) N. G.
Pronoun Accusative Suffix Rare for KAHG -ib (KAH-gihb S13K2) E. U.
Pronoun Accusative Suffix. -it (TOO-git S8.512) E. Also: -iht. C.
Pronoun Genitive Suffix. -in (GWEE-sin S09G1) E. Also: -ihn. C.

Q q 9 9 Q quf, ‘monkey’ .
question word for nouns. dap (duhp TUP04, etc.) Q. Also: (dupp S8.5K2,etc.) C.
Quickly. kiyish (KEE-yihsh S1.5R1) D. C.

R r r r R Resh, ‘head’ C P .
royalty. tages (TAH-ges S09G3) N. U.

S s,ss s S J .

sˇ 9 9

seven. tos (tohs TNU07) UC. It’s numeral is 7. G.

SH sh sh SH “peace” woman under roof.
she. tukh (TOO-KHIN S13G1) R. C.
shelter. tegul (TEH-gu-len-tem S1.5L1) N. C.
should. tus (TOO-seh-kem S8.512) VM.
six. luk (luk TNU00) UC. It’s numeral is 6. G.
slot. terok (TEH-roak DVD 50:55) N. C.
so, very. po (poh S8.501) D. C.
speech, pronunciation. dangun (duhn-GU-nuhg S8.5 K5) N. C.
spirit. nish (NEE-shen-toap S13K2) N. C.
squid. risoyba (REE-soh-y-bah T S,) N. U.
strangely. yugebin (YOO-geh-bin S8.501) D. C.
surface. kunet (KOO-net S8.502) NX. C.

3 3 ss & sh later reflects Hebrew.

X samk,s “backbone” C

T t t t T Taw, “mark of ownership, signature” .
ten. ekhep (EH-khep TNU10) UC. Its numerals are 10.
TH Resembles shin more, but it’s “th”.
Thatch. Milo’s surname. Thatch (THATCH-toap S13K3) N. C.
The “question word” for verbs. du (doo TUP01, S8.511) Q. See dap. C.
The larval form of the Charokh(S).” saggoroth (SAHG-goh-roath S T?): U.
there. yus (Yoos S10M1) N. C.
these. nebet (NEH-bet S09K1, S09K2) A. C.
they. sob (SOH-bin S09G2) R. C.
thing im (EE-muhg TUP04) N. U.
this. dot (DOH-tesh-tem S09G3) N. U.
through. pak (puhk S10M1) P. U.
time. nal (Nahl S1.522) N. Also: (NAHL-tem S1.5Q2) C.
to (attaches actions to be performed to a person). deg (deg S09G1, S09K2) P. U.
to be able, can. bog (BOH-geh-kem S09K2) VM. U.
to be afraid, to fear. tereds (TEH-red-seh-nen S13K3) V. C.
to be all over. khobdesh (khoab-DEH-sheh-toat S1.5S1) V. U.
to be no more. yoden (YOH-deh-neh-toat S1.522) V. C.
to be over. pasil (Puh-SEEL-leh-toat S09G3) V. U.
to be strange. yugeb (YOO-gehb-leh-toat S8.5 K5) V. C.
to be well. ma (MAH-toh-noat S13K3) V.. U.
to be. es (EH-seh-toat TEW13, TUP04,) V. Also: S8.5K2 S8.5K6A
to bring. bernot (behr-NOH-tib-mick S09K1) V. Also: (S13K2) C.
to close. derem (DEH-rem S1.5G1) V. C.
to come from. saldup (Suhl-DOOP S8.502) V. Also: S8.502, etc. C.
to come. masik (MAH-sihk S1.5Q1) V. U.
to destroy. tirid (TEE-rid S1.501, S09G1) V. C.
to discuss. yute (YOO-teh-poan-kem S09G3)V.
to dress. khabed (KHAH-beh-deh-toat S8.501) V. U.
to drop. pen (pen-yoakh S8.5K1) V. U.
to enter. nageb (NAH-geb S05M1) V. C.
to find something as a matter of observation. kaper (KAH-peh-reh-kihk S8.5K5) V. U. to defile. karok (KAH-roak-lih-mihk S13K2) V. C.
to find. komtib (KOAM-tib-loh-nen S10M1) V. C.
to follow. satib (SAH-tib S10M1) V. C.
to forgive. lewid (LEH-wihd-yoakh S13K2) V. C.
to gain. kuleb (KOO-leh-beh-toat S1.521) V. C.
to get here. kweti (kweh-TEE-pih-moat S8.503) V. C.
to go in a direction away from the speaker or this way! ot (OAT S1.5R1) V. U.
to go. nurosh (NOO-roash-yoakh S1.5L1) V. C.
to help. gesu (GEH-soo S09K2) V. Also: (GEH-soo-goan-toakh S09K2) U.
to kill. gwenog (GWEH-noag-loh-nick S13K1) V. Also: (S8.512). C.
to know. panneb (puhn-NEB-leh-nen S09G1) V. C.
to lack. wanat (WAH-nuh-teh-kem S1.5Q2) V. U.
to leave. kupeg (KOO-pehg S1.5Q2) V. C.
to listen, do as is said. epkel (EPP-kell-yoakh S13G1) V. C.
to lose. muti (MOO-tih-lihm-kem S1.5S1) V. U.
to need. alitek (AH-lih-teh-kem S09K3) V. U.
to place. genokh (GEH-noakh DVD 50:55, etc.) V. From GENOH. C.
to praise. yadlu (YAHD-lu-goh-nikh (“Yeah, you can say that again!”) S10K1) V. U. subject of a kingdom. yasek (YAH-seh-ken S09K2) N.
To see. gamos (GAH-moh-seh-toat S09G1) V. C.
to speak. basheb (BAH-sheh-beh-kik TUP02,,03) V. Also: (TUP01). C.
to thank, longer form. pagesh (PAH-geh-sheh-nen TEW09) V. C.
to thank. pag (PAH-gekh TEW12) V. Also: (TEW11), (TEW10). G.
to travel. wegen (weh-geh-neh S8.5M2) V. C.
to understand. doyin (DOH-yih-neh-kik TEW14) V. C.
to warn. kabers (KAH-behr-seh-kem S1.521) V. U.
to(direction towards an something). gom (goam S1.5L1) P. C.
traveler. wegenos (WEH-geh-nohs S8.5M2) N. See wegen. C.
two. dut (doot TNU02) UO. Its numeral is 2. G.
3 3 J þurisaz, "giant"t

U oo, u u U Mem, “water”C +F ûruz "aurochs". Atlantean man-slug. ugobes (OO-goh-bes T or W, R.) N. U
unit of distance, 2.3 feet standard rule kelim (KEH-lihm T and D4445) N.. C.
unit of weight, about 943 pounds standard rule. nayut (NAH-yoot T and D4445) N. C.
V Child, from Chinese zi3I .
unit of velocity equal to 0.65 mph standard rule. wokanos (WOH-kah-nos T, D4445) N. how. won (WOAN S8.503) WD. C.

Verb Suffix Imperative Plural. -yokh (EPP-kell-yoak S13G1) E. C.
Verb Suffix You. –en. (MEH-gid-lih-men S1.511)VY.
visitor. wadagos (Way-DAH-go-sen S09K1) N. C.

W w w w W not waw, “hook” C.
wave. shom (Shoam S1.521) N. tidal wave; C.
we. gwis (GWEES S09G2) R. Also: (S09G1), (S1.511, S1.5S1). C.
weapon. neshing (NEH-shin-gen-tem S8.5K1) N. U.
what. mek (mehk TUP04) R. U.
where. lat (Luht S8.521, S8.5K3, S8.5K4, S8.5M1) WD. C.
who. leb (Leb S8.5K3, S8.5K4, S8.5M1) WR. C.

Y y y Y Yad, “arm” C .
yes. tig (teeg TEW05) D. G.
you. mokh (moakh TUP01) R. Also: (S09G1), (S1.5G1, S8.5K5), etc. C.
you-all, unfamiliar. gebr (Gehb-Rihn S8.5K3) R. See gabr.
Your Highness, king or queen. taneb (TAH-neb-toap S09K1,S1.5R1) N. C.

z 9 9 Z

z. 3 3 This place for z corresponds to others better.
If anyone wants copies of the rest of my rough drafts, contact me.
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