Just Saying Hi

Have something going on in your real life that you'd like to tell your friends at KFU about? Talk about it here!
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Just Saying Hi

#1 Post by Blueoriontiger » Sat Oct 17, 2015 11:13 pm

Hello all!

The last time I made a post on here it was 2007. I was still in a community college, fan of ATLE and had basically gotten fed up with the Internet and was running to anime cons.

Now seven years later (still hard to believe I was gone that long!) I rediscovered this site and slowly recognized you guys!

Still alive, kicking. Still live in TN, turned 29 a few months ago. However got a full-time job, graduated with a Bachelor's in making websites and some game design, and just plugging away with life! I play a lot of games still (do a lot of PC gaming nowadays), but I've been working on a few books that I'm looking to publish soon. Also working on my own game, a visual novel. You can check out some of my stuff below:


Hope all of you have been doing well! Sorry for taking so long to drop in. ;)
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