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Introduction to me!

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 3:39 pm
by Missingnoleader
Hello, I'm Missingnoleader and I'm one of those kids that actually grew up with Atlantis the Lost Empire toys. Had the children's audio book, the Milo Thatch action figure doll (or was in Vinny? maybe both), and the Leviathan toy that for some reason had a detachable tail thing.

Right now I'm writing a megacrossover fic/quest that has Atlantis as one of the key players, at least in regards to the far past. The elements are somewhat subtle right now as the story is currently more focused on a different track, but that's bound to change soon enough.While I had to retcon the events of the second movie to fit in with the setting I'm making, Atlantis still provides a lot of details to use. Stuff like language and legacy are a large part of the background setting of this story. I'll post a link when I make the topic, but well fighting giant monsters is good enough reason to have multiple Leviathans in the first place. Will post more Atlantis related stuff on that topic.

This site's been nice to have as a reference for the language, though I've still got quite the way's to go.