The first time you saw Atlantis

Here is the place we can discuss the two films, including character discussions, favorite moments, music, pictures, etc.
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#16 Post by Kidagakash85 » Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:04 pm

I actually liked Spider-Man 3 but the ending ruined it for me. Aside from that, I hate most Marvel movies, Iron Man being the sole exception. So I also really hope that they don't mess up the second one!!

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The First Time You Saw Atlantis

#17 Post by Sunshine » Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:26 pm

The first time I saw Atlantis, believe it or not, (I know I'm late) was last year on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 (I have a habit of remembering dates). I watched it on DVD. I was 25 years old. I still watch it from time to time. From the time I was a child, Atlantis dazzled my imagination. I was rather curious about this supposed island or continent told about in legends that had sunk into the ocean. For hours I would read (I love books on this particular subject) book after book on ancient/lost civilizations. So imagine my bewilderment when I learned of this movie called Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Throughout the movie I was glued to the TV screen. The animation, graphics, and vivid colors were superb! I love the characters Milo and Kida. They are such good natured people the type I would enjoy having as close friends. Such people are hard to find these days. Of course, there were some sad moments like the destruction of an empire, the lost of parents, and the quest to make a fortune at the cost of others, but I'm happy that everything turned out for the better. The Mother Crystal has returned to its rightful place, Atlantis is restored to its former glory, and I have high hopes for Milo and Kida as they lead the Atlantean people. A bright and prosperous future awaits Atlantis!

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#18 Post by tcoll005 » Sat May 07, 2011 7:13 pm

I was 11 years old when I saw this movie, but I really don't remember the experience too much. I do remember wanting to get the Mcdonald's Kida toy, but I got Audrey and the Crystal, which were good enough for me!

My stuff has been gotten rid of since then, but I'm trying to recuperate my collection through ebay and amazon.

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#19 Post by peris11 » Sun May 08, 2011 7:01 am

When i saw atlantis, i was 7 years old, i was facinated, i love that movie, i remember that i used to say that i was kida to my friends, and i used to play been kida in the shower jjajajaja!! atlantis is a very important thing in my life i just bought the movie in VHS and i always see the movie, i love it!!

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#20 Post by Keran_Shadlag » Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:46 am

It was something like my mom bought me some cookies while I was at fine arts camp, and they had this code on them. I forget if I was into codes, I think I had been since a few years before that. It was something I said on my interview for my paper-delivering job in 1998.

A Yanut 162825 Haramak 7 Ag 18
Today's date in Atlantean. Year Month Day.
Gim esim-ot yos matim-in kokil-tem logan mohed-im-ot dos
Stg was-it like mom-my cookies some buy-ed-she while
okwehat-tem net tikud-im-ik, gim sobib meg kubash-im-ot. Kwam in location-was-I, and them on code-was-it. Not
repanneb bet kubash-en kwiyim-im-ik, yanut-il pak kwiyim-i-bm-ik
remember if code-s enjoy-ed-I, years-few through enjoy-had-been-I
bet kaper-ek-ik. Deb esim-ot yos 162812 dos kerdup bet
for think-so-I. That was-it was 1998 when for
dubash net basheb-im-ik.
interview in say-did-I.

I'm quite sure I had been studying about Mesopotamian mythology on my own, too, so I saw the movie and got a lot out of it with the whole Mythic Chaos Monster and Mound of Creation and Flood Epic, and the Scorpion People monsters guarding the entrance to the Underworld. I liked it a lot. I was 15.

Po panneb yos Delanbash pak din pannebs-i-bm-ik, dut, ka wokan gamos
Very know that Meso.myth. ab. own study-h-b-I, too, soon movie saw
gim kerod-in doyin bet-bet Larin-dewil-mok gim Akey-kom gim
and heart-my understood for-for Chs-monst-myt and Crtn-Mnd and
Mebel-bash, gim Gwebak-lud-dewil gewab Shakot-ag wertes-im. Po
Flood-epic, and Scorpion-ppl-monst entrc Underwrld-of guard-ing. Very
kwiyim. XVI esim-ik.
enjoyed. 15 was-I.

The writing system got me studying all the writing systems of the world and in 2006 the language got me to start working with languages other than German. I used to journal in the alphabet, too, but I don't think I knew or cared that Atlantean was a real language.

Kerdlar akey deg kerdlar tirid solesh-ag pannebs-im-ik gim 162820
Wr.sys start that wr.sys all world-of learn-did-I and 2006
dos dig akey deg German shib dig-esh yod. Adbashgob-esh agker-
while language start that German other language-with work. ABC-with jrn
e-m-ik, dut, shib deb Dig Adlantis-ag Deyam es deg kwam panneb-im-ik
used-I, too, but that Atlantean real was not know-did-I
shib kerod bet repanneb.
or cared for remember.
Hello ! Supak ! Good-bye ! Gamok !
Success ! Badeg ! Fail ! Karok !
Please. Beket. Thanks. Pag.
I speak a little Atlantean. Ad tip. (do "little" gesture)

Photo Credits:
"Atlantis-The Lost Empire Model Sheets" The Disney Informer. Ed. Tim Montgomery, 1996-2007. 27 Feb. 2007

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