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Hello, everyone, and welcome to "Looking Through Your Eyes," my little tribute to the relationship of the characters Nephrite and Ami (Sailor Mercury) from the live-action Japanese TV series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Use the navigation above to explore the different areas of the site.

Please note, this fansite features the characters from the live action series, not the anime/manga. The characters' appearances, personalities, and the situations they've experienced differ drastically. If you've never seen the live-action series, you'll probably be confused.

A word of warning: this site contains PGSM spoilers through the Final Act!

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Last updated: January 01, 2024
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One new member: Welcome to Buni!

Earlier this year I had to do some updating to my various fansites and fanlistings due to a number of scripts no longer working as PHP versions continue to update. During the course of that, I noticed some more things that are broken. On this site, my priority things-to-fix are:

  • Replacing all the embedded videos on the site. These were previously in FLV format (aka Flash), so needless to say, they're not working anymore. So I will need to reupload those videos in MP4 format instead.
  • Checking the links, particularly for fanfics. appears to be gone. I had previously been in discussions with the owner to move the site to my domain, then she wound up deciding to keep it herself, but it appears to be gone again, and I'm assuming it's gone for good. So I need to track down all the fanfics that were hosted on there and see if they were also uploaded to or AO3. Otherwise, I'm going to have to take those links down. :-(

These updates are on my to-do list. However, I also have a bunch of updates I need to make to all my other fansites/listings as well, so it's going to be time-consuming. But don't worry, I will get to it hopefully sometime this year. Thank you for continuing to visit this site and the others in the Noble Scarlet Network! It means a lot to know that people are still invested.


All characters, situations, etc., dealing with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon are property of Naoko Takeuchi and Toei. I'm not affiliated with them in any way (even though I'd like to be affiliated with Matsumoto Hiroyuki), and I am making no money off this website; it is purely fan-based.