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Welcome to "Conflicted," the TFL-listed fanlisting for the character Seth from the book series, The Oracle Prophecies. Use the navigation above to view the different sections of the site, and if you're a fan of Seth, please join!

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Last updated: April 10, 2021
Member count: 9
Pending members: 0
Webmiss: Lisa

Latest Update

New layout, featuring my dreamcast of Seth :3

Disclaimer & Etc.

All characters and situations related to The Oracle Prophecies are property of Catherine Fisher, Greenwillow Books, etc. No copyright infringement is intended. This is a non-profit website. The image used in this layout features actor Brenan Davies and is screencapped from episode 4 of Legend of the Seeker. The layout was made using Adobe Photoshop Elements 5, ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5 and Pixie, and was coded in Notepad.