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About Stella

Stella is the Princess of Solaria. Her powers draw from the Sun and the Moon. Her parents, the King and Queen of the realm, have recently undergone a divorce, meaning that Stella now has to balance life between two palaces. She does her best not to let it show, however, and has a very cheerful and upbeat attitude about everything in her life.

Stella is a year older than her friends in the Winx Club, but she is in their class owing to the fact that she had to withdraw from Alfea before completing her first year at the school (due to an accident that resulted in her expulsion), beginning her freshman year over the next year. As a "second-year" fairy-in-training, Stella knew her way around Alfea better than the other, first-time freshmen, and therefore eagerly showed her new friends the ropes. She also became acquainted with Brandon and his Red Fountain teammates during her first year at Alfea (pre-expulsion), so she was able to introduce her friends to them.

Stella is all about glamour and fashion, but not to the extent that it makes her snobby. She loves all her friends, both commoner and royalty, equally; and when she discovered Brandon's true identity, she was more upset about the fact that he had lied to her than the fact that he was a "lowly squire."

About Brandon

Brandon is the squire, bodyguard, and best friend of Prince Sky. He is cool and confident, with a caring personality and a good sense of humor. He is very affectionate (especially with Stella), and is a loyal and caring friend.

Upon entering the Red Fountain College of Heroics and Bravery, Sky and Brandon switched identities so Sky could experience the carefree life of a commoner. It was under the guise of Prince Sky that Brandon and Stella met, and Brandon secretly feared that if Stella learned the truth, it would mean the end of their relationship. His fears turned out to be unfounded, however; Stella was more upset that he had lied to her than the fact that he was "just a lowly squire." Still, Brandon dreams of the day he'll become a knight and truly be worthy of Stella's affections.

About Their Relationship

How Stella and Brandon met is unknown; it was at some point during Stella's first go-round as a freshman at Alfea. She and Brandon seemed to have hit it off right away; by the time Stella begins her second attempt at Alfea, she and Brandon are practically a couple, incessantly flirting, holding hands, and kissing on the cheek. Stella, thinking that Brandon was Prince Sky, dreamed of uniting their kingdoms one day. However, during a festival at Red Fountain, Brandon and Sky's true identities were revealed. Stella was furious with Brandon--not because of who he really was, but because he had lied to her about it. Stella quickly forgave him, however, reassuring him that what matters isn't what his status is, but who he is as a person.

Brandon and Stella have a far less tumultuous relationship than most of their friends. Both of them are comfortable with each other, their relationship, and the direction that they are going as a couple. In general, any problems the two have encountered have been imposed upon them by outside forces (e.g. Queen Amentia, Chimera, Mitzi, etc.), but their love always proves strong enough to endure any test.

About Winx Club

Winx Club is the story of six teenage girls, Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna, and Layla (Aisha in Italian) who possess magical abilities. They attend the Alfea College of Fairies in the Realm of Magix, where they all room together. Although the girls each come from very different realms and possess different magical abilities, they're the best of friends. Together, they make up the Winx Club! The series follows the girls' advetures as they struggle to balance their strenuous studies, battle the evil Witches from Cloud Tower, and try to be ordinary teenage girls.

Winx Club originated in Italy, where it has run four seasons, two movies, several DVD specials, and a long-running comic spinoff. The series has been dubbed into several different languages, including two different versions of English (one produced by RAI itself for European audiences, and another, dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment, for the USA). The music, as well as the names of the attacks and the girls' home realms, varies from country to country; on this site, we use the 4Kids versions because that's what we know best.

About the Site

Why? From the very first episode I saw them in, I loved Stella and Brandon. For one thing, Stella is my favorite character on the whole show; for another thing, Brandon is my favorite of the Red Fountain guys; and for a third thing, I just think they're the cutest couple. They're both sweet, likeable people, and they're relationship doesn't have a lot of drama (other than the Sky/Brandon thing in the first season). I love how they both get so shy, but at the same time are completely honest and open with each other. Everytime I see them on screen together, I just want to squee! So, I decided to make a fanlisting for them, to help spread the love.

The title: I had trouble picking a title for this site; ironically, "Royally Cute" was the first thing that popped into my mind, but I was afraid it would sound kind of stupid. Nevertheless, I thought about it for several days, and this one just kept coming to the front of my mind, so I guess it was meant to be or something. I feel like this phrase really describes Stella and Brandon, in two senses. The most obvious sense is, they're an adorable couple--royally cute, if you will. But in a deeper sense, it's fitting because Stella is royalty, and initially Brandon was thought to be royalty, too. Although he truly was a commoner in disguise, Stella still thinks of him as a prince in her eyes!

The fanlistings: Some of you may be curious as to what exactly a fanlisting is. The basic definition, from TheFanlistings, is a list of fans of a certain thing from all over the world. The goal of this fanlisting is to form friendships between very different people from very different places through their common fandom of the relationship of Stella and Brandon from the animated series, Winx Club.