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The Story

In a small, hidden village near Devils Lake in Oregon, a group of the world's most well-known monsters have gathered together and formed a community of their own. Last year, the children of some of Devils Lake's most prominent citizens attended the newly-chartered Monster High; and, following a successful first school year, teenaged monsters from all over the globe are flocking to Devils Lake in the hopes of pursuing a monstrous education and making friends with other monsters their age.

One of these new students is Frankie Stein, daughter of Monster High's Mad Science teacher, Dr. Herman Stein. At only 15 days old, Frankie still has a lot to learn about the world—how is she supposed to survive high school on top of it?

The Backstory

"Freaky Gone Fabulous" essentially began as a Monster High fanfic back in 2010. I wrote a few chapters, but I was having trouble keeping up with the ever-evolving canon of the various MH universe (two different sets of cartoons, constantly changing diaries, Lisi Harrison's books, Gitty Daneshvari's books, etc). At the same time, I was getting heavily into the hobby of photographing my dolls. At some point, I thought, "What if instead of a fanfic, I did a webcomic with my dolls?" I spent a long time wondering if such an undertaking would be possible, but as new playsets and furniture became available, it seemed more and more reasonable of an idea. I finally decided to do a few test pages and loved the way they came out! So I decided to give it a shot.

FAQs and JSYKs

Just so you know...

"Freaky Gone Fabulous" follows my headcanon for the Monster High dolls and characters. The basic storyline began based on the diaries, so there will be a lot of similarities between the diaries and FGF, especially at first. However, the story will begin to diversify and go in a different direction before long (since I pretty much threw my hands up in despair and gave up trying to figure out canon after the first wave dolls came out). I hope you'll enjoy seeing the different direction I take the series in!

Please don't try to make FGF fit into the continuity of any of the Monster High canon universes. I have not seen any of the cartoons or movies beyond "season 1," nor read any of Lisi Harrison's books. I have read the diaries that came with every doll I own (but I don't own them all). I have also read Gitty Daneshvari's first book. I will likely draw some plot points from these sources, but others will be discarded. I'm definitely playing fast and loose with canon, please forgive me for that. :3

Frequently asked questions...

What tools do you use? I photograph my dolls with a Canon Powershot. The photos are edited in Photoshop Elements with a Genius drawing tablet. For a list of other resources that I use, please see below.

How can I help FGF? I have a list of items that I am looking to use in upcoming issues of "Freaky Gone Fabulous." If you can help me track any of these items down, I'd be eternally grateful! You can find a list of these items here.


Here's a list of the resources I've used to make this comic. Major thanks to the amazing artists who have made their stock art, brushes, etc. available for people like me to use!

Patterns for Custom Clothing:
Creations from a Mad Plastic Surgeon
Kristine Ann's

Monster High Backdrops:

Photoshop Brushes:
Obsidian Dawn Resources


Hello and welcome to "Freaky Gone Fabulous," a webcomic featuring Mattel's Monster High dolls, written and photographed by SailorDonut. You can find all the latest issues here. Enjoy your stay!

Help FGF!

In order to make FGF a success, there are a number of Monster High dolls, playsets, and accessories that I am seeking. You can assist the project by helping me track down the items I'm missing! There's a complete list here, but the things I need the most right now are:

  • CAM boy upper arms/legs (any color)
  • DotD Deuce's sunglasses
  • Thanks for supporting Freaky Gone Fabulous!

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    Monster High and all related characters, designs, items, names, etc. are property of Mattel. All the dolls featured in this comic are owned by myself, and may have been modified from their original forms by me. Story and doll photography © SailorDonut. This is a non-profit fansite intended only to promote the fandom.