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The Girls of Monster High

Frankie Stein is literally the newest student at Monster High—her dad, the mad science teacher at MH, just made her over the summer in his biggest experiment yet. Frankie is an optimistic personality who's eager to make new friends and learn about the exciting new world around her. Each day is an adventure when you're looking at the world through brand new eyes!

Daughter of the Count himself, Draculaura was one of the first students at Monster High when it opened last year. Although her father is a very traditional monster, sweet-tempered Draculaura has always loved to try new things and make her own way in the monster world—be it embracing vegetarianism, befriending a werewolf, or, most recently, falling fangs-over-feet for a normie.

With a passion for fashion, Clawdeen Wolf prides herself on her reputation as the most stylish ghoul in school. Clawdeen is strongly opinionated and not afraid to speak her mind, particularly in defense of a friend. The second oldest in a family of five, Clawdeen complains a lot about her siblings—especially her younger sister Howleen, whom she has to share a room with—but the truth is that she's fiercely loyal and protective of her family.

Daughter of the King of the Waves, Lagoona Blue is a laid-back surfer girl from down under (the sea). Lagoona was one of the first students at Monster High last year, and she seems to be fitting in on land just fine. Lagoona is a science whiz, but when she's not in the lab, her favorite place to be is the Monster High pool—even though the chlorine wreaks havoc on her scales.

Thomasina "Mitzy" Whiskers is one fickle feline. She makes a point of never doing what's expected of her—starting with the fact that she refuses to run with the other werecats at school. When the claws come out, Mitzy can be counted on to stand up for her best friends, Lagoona, Ghoulia and Cleo. Mitzy is a fun-loving ghoul who is well known at Monster High for her energy and enthusiasm.

A quiet zombie with a photographic memory and a love for comic books, Ghoulia Yelps was one of the charter students at Monster High last year. She's famous at Monster High for her straight-A grades and friendly nature. Even though her BFF is the Queen Diva of the school, Ghoulia is down-to-earth and makes a point of reaching out to everyone in the school who needs a friend.

Known as the Queen of Monster High, Cleo de Nile has a reputation as a diva—could it be that she's trying a little too hard to fill her older sister Nefera's shoes? Although she usually means well, Cleo's spoiled manners and obsession with status haven't endeared her to many at Monster High—particularly the jaded Toralei Stripe. And it seems Clawdeen Wolf also has a personal score to settle with this pampered mummy princess.

The Boys of Monster High

The only normie—non-monster—at Monster High, Jackson Jekyll feels like a bit of an outsider. Jackson's normie father, a scientist, disappeared 10 years ago, and his mother recently decided to relocate the family to Devils Lake where her brother lives with his wife and son, Heath Burns. Although Heath can give his cousin a hard time, Jackson is surprised to find he may fit in at Monster High better than he expected.

Commonly referred to as the "Big Monster on Campus," Clawd Wolf is the most popular boy in school. Last year, he seemed to be on top of the world with his 4.0 GPA, status as the Nightmares' star quarterback, and royal girlfriend Cleo de Nile. Monster High was taken by storm, however, when their It Couple split just before prom. Although rumors are still flying, Clawd refuses to play into the drama—he'd rather concentrate on playing football!

Mild-mannered Deuce Gorgon was the last monster anyone would have expected to get caught up in a torrid romance with Cleo de Nile. Behind his ever-present Stone Gaze-blocking sunglasses, Deuce is an easygoing monster who believes in treating everyone equally and fairly—including the new normie at school, Jackson Jekyll. An avid sports fan, Deuce is always down for a game of casketball.

New student Pakal is already making a name for himself at Monster High as a spoiled royal to rival Cleo de Nile. A privileged prince with ties to the ancient Mayan pantheon, Pakal believes he's entitled to the best in life. He has a disdain for humans, including monsters with human ancestry. Pakal is a member of the soccer team and can usually be found prowling around with other felines like Toralei Stripe.

Monster Middle School Students

Between her older siblings and the toddler twins, Howleen Wolf has a serious case of middle child syndrome. Howleen knows she's just as mature as Clawdeen...if only her parents would see it that way! Howleen's best friend at Monster Middle is Kara Mujina, a nopperabou who loves Harajuku fashion. Kara's pet peeve is when people comment on her blank expression; in her words, "Of course I have a face—it's not my problem if you can't see it."


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