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Items I am actively seeking for "Freaky Gone Fabulous" (listed by highest priority):

  1. Create-A-Monster boy upper arms and upper legs (any color)
  2. Dawn of the Dance Deuce's sunglasses
  3. Sweet 1600 Clawd clothing
  4. Music Festival Clawd Wolf clothing

Items I would like, but are not currently a priority:

  • Fearleading 3-pack (Cleo, Draculaura, Ghoulia) or clothing
  • Lagoona's hydration station
  • Sweet 1600 Draculaura
  • School's Out Cleo de Nile
  • Cleo's fashion pack that looks like plain mummy wrap
  • Toralei's fashion pack
  • Ghoulia's comic book club clothing pack
  • Ghoulia's scooter

I always need more of:

  • MH classroom set lockers
  • Clothing that fits the boy dolls
  • Nude long-haired Cleo dolls (tinseled or de-tinseled)

The items I am actively seeking are high-priority for the comic but I would like to pay no more than retail for these items because I am operating on a very tight budget. If you are selling any of these items or know of someone selling them at or under retail price, please email me!


Hello and welcome to "Freaky Gone Fabulous," a webcomic featuring Mattel's Monster High dolls, written and photographed by SailorDonut. You can find all the latest issues here. Enjoy your stay!

Help FGF!

In order to make FGF a success, there are a number of Monster High dolls, playsets, and accessories that I am seeking. You can assist the project by helping me track down the items I'm missing! There's a complete list here, but the things I need the most right now are:

  • CAM boy upper arms/legs (any color)
  • DotD Deuce's sunglasses
  • Thanks for supporting Freaky Gone Fabulous!

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