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Name: Milo James Thatch
Call him: Milo
Age: 32
What he does: Cartographer, linguist, dreamer

About Milo: Milo's parents died when he was very young, but his grandfather, Thaddeus Thatch, took him in and raised him as his own. It was from Thaddeus that Milo learned about the lost empire of Atlantis.

Milo dreams of following in his grandfather's footsteps by searching for Atlantis. He believes he knows the location of the Shepherd's Journal, a legenday book which gives directions to Atlantis.

One day Milo meets Preston B. Whitmore, a friend of Milo's grandfather, who has agreed to fund an expedition to Atlantis. Milo sets off with a crew of experts on a journey beyond his wildest dreams...

Milo teams up with an unlikely crew in an attempt to delve deep into the sea and find the underground cavern that contains the mysteries of Atlantis. Little does Milo know that not only do the ruins of Atlantis still exist, but so does the Atlantean society! When Team Atlantis stumbles upon the entrance to the lost empire, they are attacked by the chreen, fire flies that burn anything they come in contact with. In the confusion, Milo disappears, knocked unconscious by an explosion of a truck's gasoline tank. It is here that a froup of Atlantean warriors stumble upon him... and a mysterious masked woman heals his wounds.

The woman is Kidagakash Nedakh- the princess of Atlantis, which is still a living civilization miles beneath the earth's surface. She excitedly takes Milo and the other explorers to meet her father, King Kashekim Nedakh. The king is not too pleased to see the explorers, and commands them to leave at once. Milo is positive that the King is hiding something, so Commander Rourke ends Milo to talk to Kida and find out exactly what it is.

Milo and Kida spend a wonderful time exploring the city and learning about each other. They are quickly drawn to one another, and by the end of the day Milo finds himself falling in love with the mysterious princess. She has taught him all she knows about Atlantis, but so much is hidden in shadow, for after the Great Flood, the King had allowed his people to fall into ruin and forget about their illustrious past. Milo is the only one who can decode their written language, so Kida brings him to a small pool on the outskirts of the city. "There is a mural here, with writing all around the pictures. Could you...?" Milo knows what he must do.

Together, Milo and Kida swim out to some sunken ruins. Using the light cast by Kida's crystal pendant, Milo decodes the messages around the murals. He also makes some startling discoveries. What saved Atlantis all those centuries ago and what is keeping the city alove today is a giant crystal called the Heart of Atlantis. It's the Atlanteans' life force, and it's hidden somewhere in the city. Now all Milo and Kida have to do is find it.

Unfortunately, Milo and Kida aren't the only ones after the Crystal. The evil Commander Rourke has been using Milo in order to get he jewel for himself, to sell to the highest bidder. Milo refuses to be involved in this sinister plot, or in anything that will result in the demise of Kida and all the citizens of Atlantis. He finds a bravery that he never knew he had and stands up to Rourke. Unfortunately, by dangling Kida's life before Milo like a toy, he manages to persuade the hero to gelp him discover the Crystal Chamber. Yet when all seems lost, the Living Crystal calls Kida to it. As Milo watches on in amazement, the girl of his dreams bonds with the Heart of Atlantis, leaving only her crystallized shell. It would appear to Milo that all has been lost.

As Milo watches, Rourke loads Kida into a pod that will become her prison. This action seals the fate of the Atlanteans. Without their crystal life force, the city cannot survive. Within hours, every Atlantean will be dead. Something inside Milo cracks. He stands up to Rourke, something he never before would have had the courage to do. One by one, the other explorers join his side, leaving only Rourke and Helga to carry out the horrible deed. As they leave the empire, blowing up the bridge, the only way out of the city, in the process, Dr. Sweet's voice calls out to Milo. The King has been injured in the struggle against Rourke, and is on his deathbed. Kashekim Nedakh takes Milo in and tells him the forbiden story of Atlantis' destrution and the taking of Kida's mother. He then gives Milo a mission: save Kida, return the Crystal, and save Atlantis. With a newfound courage, Milo marches out to where the Atlantean Armada has been stationed for millenia. Then he teaches the Atlanteans how to use these vehicles of war as Kida had shown him. The warriors then embark on the battle of their lives.

Milo stops Rourke and manages to return the Heart of Atlantis to the city in time to save it from being detroyed by a volcanic eruption spurred on from the explosive battle in the adjoining caverns. The Crystal benevolently returns Kida, and she takes her father's place as ruler of Atlantis. Milo then decides that his place is at Kida's side in Atlantis. His dream had finally come true, and he had found a new home in the process.

Cool Milo Quote: "All right, this is it! We're gonna rescue the princess, we're gonna save Atlantis...or we're gonna die trying! Now let's do it!"