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The best part of all fansites is the fan fiction section, right? I mean, after all, it creates new adventures for the characters you love so much. The movie doesn't have to end! So, here's my Atlantis fan fic section.

Have a story you want posted? Send it to me and I will post it on my page.

Thanks to my handy-dandy new domain and all its space, I can host stories again if absolutely necessary, but it's much preferred if you post it on Fanfiction [dot] net or another fanfiction site. The format will be nicer, it will be 1000x easier on me, and more people will be likely to see it. Plus, it's free! All you need is an e-mail address! If you're in a total pinch, though, I'll put it up here for you. ^_^

I ask that you provide a rating for all stories, and would prefer not to post anything with higher than a PG rating here, as I would like to keep the site "appropriate for all ages." :-)

The story: The Dark Ones
By: Lisa
Author's Notes: This story is based on a dream I had a few days after I saw the film. I liked it so much, I thought I'd jot it down. This story takes place several years after the movie. It's assumed that all the dialogue is in Atlantean, not English.
Summary: The city of Atlantis is safe, and is thriving. But all is not well, for some evil Atlanteans wish to use the Mother Crystal of Atlantis to try and take over the world. Will history repeat itself, leading to the ultimate destruction of the empire? A tale of romance and intrigue tells what happen to Queen Kida and her husband, Milo Thatch, in the years after their first grand adventure.

The story: Tales From Atlantis
By: Lisa
Author's Notes: I got the idea for this from a children's book called "Tales From Agrabah" about Aladdin and Jasmine before they met.
Summary: 6586 B.C.-Kidagakash,princess of Atlantis and heir to the Atlantean throne,is born.
1882 A.D.-Milo Thatch, grandson to the internationally renowned explorer Thaddeus Thatch, is born
These two people could never meet, right? Well, that is where you'd be wrong.

Here are the untold stories of Milo and Kida- the years before they met and saved the lost empire of Atlantis.

The story: A New Home
By: Meaghan
Author's Notes: Ok this is my first fanfic on but I do a lot of fanfiction for various stuff, but my passion is geared toward animated cartoons, Disney stuff etc. and I generally do romances. I am a hopeless romantic, so this story does get a little mushy and lovey dovey but I hope you like it anyway! Please R&R!
Summary: The story is basically after when Kida has just descended from the crystal and then learns about her father's death. As a celebration is going on, Milo is miserable without Kida there, and Kida is off on her own thinking about her dad. And then Milo finds Kida and a romance begins to bloom between them and Milo has to decide if he should stay in Atlantis or go home.

The story: Lost and Found
By: Julie
Author's Notes: This story is a "missing" scene from "Atlantis". It is my attempt to show how Milo and Kida realized that they were in love with each other, as was implied at the end of the movie. It is nothing more than a short romantic piece.
Summary: Um, yeah... the author's notes pretty much sum it up. Very cute! Enjoy reading!

The story: The Birds
By: Nedak
Editor's Notes: This was Nedak's first Atlantis fanfiction, which he posted on the KFU messageboard. I was amazed at how creative, original, and well-written it was, especially considering that, being from Greece, English is not his native language.
Summary: When Kida, Seliah, Selma and Candra go exploring in the Forest of Reflections, they discover a terrible secret, involving an evil enchantress, and unlock the mystery of the white birds they have been hunting.

The story: SeaQuest
By: Nedak
Editor's Notes: This, Nedak's second Atlantis fanfiction posted on the KFU messageboard, addresses one of the many interesting questions about the Atlantis fandom: was Kida ever in love with anyone before Milo?
Summary: The Merpeople are in trouble! In order to help save them, Kida becomes a mermaid herself, and embarks on a journey with her friend Ares, where she learns of her own strength, and experiences her first love.

The story: The Queen's Perfume
By: Nedak
Editor's Notes: This is Nedak's third Atlantis fanfiction posted on the KFU messageboard. I'm so proud of how Nedak's English writing skills have improved since "The Birds!"
Summary: In order to cheer her father up, Kida embarks on a quest to locate a flower that no longer grows in Atlantis and recreate a perfume her mother once wore. Along the way, she runs into a young Greek woman named Megara... (Hercules crossover)

The story: What Mattered Most
By: Raptor-Wolf
Author's Notes: Okay, this my first story online. I hope you enjoy it!
Summary: Milo and Kida are reunited with the orignal Atlantis team and embark on a journey, in which they learn an important lesson.