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Name: Helga Katrina Sinclair
Call her: Helga
Age: 30
What she does: Second in command, kicks butt

About Helga: One rainy day, when Milo returns home from the museum, he finds a mysterious blond sitting in the living room of his apartment. "Milo James Thatch?" the woman says. "My name is Helga Sinclair. I'm acting on behalf of my employer, who has a most intriguing proposition for you. Are you interested?"

Helga's employer is Preston B. Whitmore, a friend of Milo's late grandfather, who has agreed to finance an expedition to find Atlantis. Milo meets Helga again on the loading deck of the Ulysses, the submarine that is taking Milo's team to Atlantis. Turns out that Helga is the second-in-command on the voyage.

Once the journey begins, Helga's importance to the journey quickly becomes known. Her no-nonsense manner and sense of authority help the crew through many a scrape, including the battle with te Leviathan, the journey to Atlantis, and the destruction of the campsite. She knows exactly how to get the crew to do exactly what they need to do, NOW.

However, once the crew reaches Atlantis, Rourke and Helga's true intentions are revealed. They intend to steal the legendary Heart of Atlantis, the crystalline power source that is keeping all of Atlantis alive, and sell it to the highest bidder. They take Princess Kida prisoner, and it is up to Milo to save Kida.

Milo rounds up the rest of the crew and, together with the Atlantean warriors, they use the Atlantean flying vehicles to try and stop Rourke and Helga. Helga, however, is having problems of her own. Rourke has double-crossed her! He pushes her over the side of the gyro-evac, calling "Nothing personal!"

It is then that Helga realizes what an evil worm Rourke is, and what a mistake it was to get mixed up with him. But she isn't going to let him get away with it! She pulls her flare gun from her holster, aims it at the gyro-evac, and fires. The balloon catches fire and explodes, plummeting to the earth. Milo has already freed Kida and destroyed Rourke. It is assumed that Helga dies when the balloon explodes... but does she really...?

Cool Helga Quote: "Move it people! Sometime today would be nice!"

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